The Shard


Along with several other august organisations such as the Aljazeera news (England) corp, Mathys & Squires, the Shangrila Hotel, the Shard also hosts the Knights of Albion.

The Knights of Albion are the London metropolitan area rapid response team for MI13.

The main headquarters for MI13 are located in the more traditional (and slightly more discrete) Portwell House in Whitehall. Its generally considered bad from to have ‘capes’ wondering around that part of London, and the flashier members of MI13 have made a home (not to mention Zeppelin port) on the 52,000 square meters making up 26th floor of the Shard.

Like any large organisation, the MI13 London Response Team we know as the Knights of Albion are only the highly visible front end of a large group of people. You can get some insight of the every day activities of the staff of MI13 by looking at A Slice From The Shard

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