The Knights of Albion

On a day much like any other, Britain’s mightiest heroes came together to confront threats that no single hero could face alone. Unfortunately, this took them into other realms and worlds, from whence they could not respond to the theft of the Murmura Furentium, leaving this bunch of misfits to do what they could. After a couple of false starts, they recovered the Murmura Furentium, apprehended the villains and saved the day. Now, the Knights of Albion are a valiant force for good, standing vigilant against all who would threaten the United Kingdom.

The Roster:

The Blue Bolt

Lady Britannia


The Engineer

Paul T. Geist

The Serpentine Spectre

Former members:

Hawker – currently relieved of duty due to the voices

The Hexing Vulpine – currently returned to her own realm in order to avoid a pan-dimensional war

Johnny Bifrost

The supervisor for MI13 (London) is Mr Williams, and the Knights are under his direct authority. Like any law enforcement and government organisation, the Knights are backed up by a highly skilled and motivated team who make it possible for our heroes to do whatever it is that they do.

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The Knights of Albion

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