Multiple Actions

Fighting successfully against multiple enemies is a normal every day occurrence for most heroes, so here are our house rules for multiple attacks and dodges

Note that these are not the rules for multiple actions for hyperspeed characters – there are other very good house rules already written for that sort of character.

Break points

multiple attacks/dodges can only be performed if your character reaches a certain base level in ability. The basics are as follows

  • Remarkable:- 2 actions may be possible at -1CS
  • Amazing:- 3 actions may be possible at -2CS
  • Unearthly:- 4 actions may be possible at -3CS
  • Shift Y:- 5 actions may be possible at -4CS

How it works

If a character wants to perform multiple attacks or dodges they declare they are doing so before hand. If the first action is a successful roll of green or higher, they may then attempt the next action. If that is also successful they may attempt the third action and so on.

for example

Captain America has Amazing(62) Fighting. he also has weapon specialist ‘Caps Shield’ for +2CS taking his fighting ability with the shield up to Unearthly

Cap can attempt to hit his opponent up to four times. As he is fighting the amazingly annoying Spiderman he decides to try and do so. Unearthly -3CS means he is effectively rolling each attack on the Incredible column . he rolls his attacks and gets two greens and then fails the third roll. That is the end of Caps attack.

Spidey decides to make multiple dodges. with his Amazing agility he can choose to dodge up to three times (at -2CS) however there are only two successful attacks coming against him, so he decides to have 2 dodges at -1CS. once again he is rolling on the Incredible column (Amazing (50) agility, 2 dodges, -1CS = Incredible) he succeeds in his first agility roll to dodge, and so is permitted his second attempt at a dodge (thankfully also a success)

In hind sight Spidey probably shouldn’t have called Cap ‘Super-Gramps’ before he has had his first cup of coffee that morning….

Feat Rolls and Hyperspeed

This rule combines with the Feat Rolls rules. A character with excellent agility should be permitted an agility roll before deciding how many dodges to make. If they get a red roll, they are performing at +1CS and so get two attempts at dodging… I would rule that both dodges are actually performed at -1CS from the base agility however (i.e. good)

Hyperspeed characters get multiple actions without penalties. If they are not permitted to use this rule at the same time, the extreme effectiveness of hyperspeed is reduced (aiding party balance perhaps?). if you let hyperspeedsters use this rule in conjunction with their pre-existing multiple actions the results are very very impressive – possibly to a game breaking degree!

Overall impact

For equally matched opponents this rule does not change much in the long run. But if one combatant is a break point higher than his opponent this rule gives the higher ranked character a significant advantage. If there is 2 break points between opponents, then the advantage is very great, and likely to be decisive. This rule is intended to mimic the sort of scenes where Cap flattens half a dozen mooks in a single panel, and Spidey dodges the attacks of an entire gang of street hoods without a scratch.

Multiple Actions

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