Komodo Dragon Tracking

The Hero’s sense of smell improves to Amazing Rank and they can locate and track smells from many miles away without rolling.

Also if they pass a region where their quarry has been in the recent past (rank number / 5 days) they can pick up the trail again (the oldest trail successfully tracked that we know of was 13 days, when a bloodhound handler named Norman Wilson and his three Bloodhounds (Doc Holiday, Queen Guinevere, and Big Nose Kate) successfully tracked a scent trail of three missing people lost in the “wet, dense forests of Western Oregon.” – note that cool damp environments with little or no wind are the ideal places to track a scent.

City environments cause a disadvantage, as there are many other distracting smells (-1CS).

The target can attempt to mask their smell to put off the Hero (-1CS), however a distinctive perfume or odour will prove an advantage to the Hero (+1CS).

Adverse weather and large bodies of water can have a very serious impact on the trail (up to -5CS for fast flowing river or a raging storm front washing away the trail). note that open desert and bright sunlight also cause a scent trail to ‘dry up’ very quickly

Scent based tracking uses column ‘C’ of the range table, with 120 miles being the maximum distance for Monstrous.

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Komodo Dragon Tracking

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