Any built object has several factors that limit its construction

Maximum power rank:

if the item has a maximum power (damage, strength, protection whatever) of Excellent, then as your reason is also Excellent you could make this device on a green roll.

If you wanted to make something to +3CS greater than your reason (Amazing material strength sword for example), you need a Yellow roll, and to make something up to +5CS (Unearthly beam weapon damage) you need a red roll. (Note that talents can help with reason rolls for building things, but don’t increase the upper maximum unless it’s a very specific match)


If you want to make technical system, then you would need to buy in all components and materials, I have a list of resource costs for this sort of thing, that includes additional costs for miniaturisation for example. The short version is the sum of all statistics for the built thing, is the resources cost. To make bespoke device that cannot be taken away from the user, the resource cost = sum (all statistics)*2.

If the hero has the weapons tinkering power, or a non-weapon based equivalent power stunt, you can match this resource cost with that power. But the power only creates the materials for a short duration, unless you make a red roll.

Time taken to build

You add together all power ranks for the device, and that is the number of hours taken to build it. Other people can help, but they will have to pass a reason roll as well


You (or someone else who donates) need to spend karma to build an item. If the item is ‘takable’ (e.g. a sleep pistol) then the karma cost is 2 times the resource cost. If the item is not takable (e.g. you build sleep gas spray systems directly into someone’s arm!) then the karma cost is four times the resources cost.


A sword

Stats Material strength = Amazing (46)
Damage = Excellent (20)

If you have amazing reason, a green roll will mean you are capable of making the thing (if you have the access to (46+20 = 66) monstrous resource to craft it with.
Time to build = 46+20=66 hours. If you get someone else to help you can half this time, but they will need to pass an Amazing reason test (the highest stat of the device) in order to be able to work with the material without damaging it.

You, or the person you are making the sword for, need to spend 132 karma points to complete the build. Once it’s done this item now exists. If you decide to spend 264 karma, you could make this sword have a DNA lock so only the person you made it for could ever use it!

A fighting robot

F = Ex (20), A= Ex (20), S= Ex (20), E= Ex (20), R = Pr (2), I= Ex (20), P= shift 0

Right now this is a rather stupid fighting beast = 102 resource points, and would take 102 hours to build and as the highest power rank is Ex, so only excellent reason is required. The resource cost is 102 resource points! (Doubled if you make it so the robot will only ever respond to single person’s commands).

It would require yellow roll Vs incredible resources to make this device as standard
Or a red roll Vs Excellent resources to make it.

Gadget size

All gadgets are assumed to be about a 10’*10’*10’ cube and weigh well in excess of 2 tons (4,000lbs, or 1,810kg) at base cost.

If you increase the reason roll required, you can reduce the size and weight of the object created

+1cs to reason roll: The device is considered ‘portable’ in this case it is the size of a very large backpack, and weighs in at about 400lb (180 kg). NOTE:- This is the standard ‘its a powered suit’ modifier

+2cs to reason roll: The device is considered ‘wearable’ in this case it is the size of a motorbike helmet or perhaps a lunch box, and weighs in at about 40lb (18 kg)

+3cs to reason roll: The device is considered ‘pocket sized’ in this case it is the size of small pistol or perhaps an e-notepad, and weighs in at about 4lb (1.8 kg)

+4cs to reason roll: The device is considered ‘utility belt sized’ in this case it is the size of a wrist watch or perhaps a mobile phone, and weighs in at about 8 oz.(220g)

+5cs to reason roll: The device is miniaturised. In this case it is the size of watch battery, or perhaps a business card, and weighs in at about 13 drams or 20 grams

+6cs to reason roll: the Device is micro sized, and difficult to spot without enhanced vision of some sort – weight and size is no larger than a single contact lens, or a single grain of rice.

Combination of these size effects with the growth/shrinking and density control powers can have truly spectacular effects, redefining the phrase “pocket battleship”

Omni-gizmos and Omni-weapons

This is something we stat up and build in the vaguest sense (e.g. it has gd 10 material strength and ‘Y’ power at excellent + ‘Z’ power at typical) and we build it as normal, but we don’t actually define what it is until you need it – in this way you get to do the classic, “I always knew this would come in useful one day!” line as you suddenly activate the ‘aquatic stealth module’ on your utility belt! (we now know ‘Y’= water breathing, and ‘z’= stealth!)
The omni gizmo can be added to robot or suit type devices you make as well (so you could make a small flying drone with one or more unspecified powers / talents, or incorporate a wide variety of ‘yet to be defined’ weapon systems into your power armour)

Special effects and minimum required (effective) reason

Light speed: Incredible
Faster than light / teleportation: Amazing
Limited time travel (e.g. one way, quantum leap, or single Chrono-synched points): Monstrous
Probability manipulation: Unearthly
Dimensional travel: Shift X
Pan-dimensional , Full time travel: Class 1,000

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