Black Air

2751806-black_air_excalibur_89_guards.jpgBlack Air used to be the para-human investigation and response arm of the UK government and in early 2000 replaced the ‘no longer fit for purpose’ Resource Control Executive (RCX) (the re-branded Weird Happenings Organisation (WHO) .

For reasons that were never entirely clear, Black Air started to interfere in the affairs of foreign nations, then joined forced with the Hellfire club in order to seize more power in the confusion that would follow in the aftermath of the successful conclusion of the Hellfire plans.

Fortunately Captain Britain and the Excalibur team were able to put a stop to the government toppling plans they laid. Both Black Air and the senior leadership of the Hellfire club are now on the run or incarcerated at D.I.C.E.C..

However, Black Air survived this loss of political and actual power, albeit in a much-reduced manner, operating only through a handful of splinter cells.

They still operate as ‘for hire’ para-human countermeasures and research, and there are regular calls for them to be registered as a terrorist organisation.

There is a continuing legacy of fall-out from the less savory, and often illegal, previous projects and operations.

Known Members still active (to be considered armed and dangerous at all times)

  • Michele Scicluna – it is not clear if Ms. Scicluna is still activly involved in BlackAir; but she is still wanted for treason and murder from her time as the Head of Black Air when it was a government department
  • Lee Franks – AKA Mr Scratch – currently incarcerated at [[D.I.C.E.C. | D.I.C.E.C.]] Extremely dangerous: Approach with caution, request back up immediately if encountered outside of a nullifying environment
  • Sari St.Hubbins – Currently at large. Mata-human stealth abilities
  • Jago Merrick – AKA Shrine – Missing Presumed Dead
  • ‘Black’ Tom Cassidy – Whereabouts unknown. Parahauman abilities based on random mutation have been removed as a result of the M-Day event. To be apprehended on sight
  • ‘Threadgold’ – Exact ID unknown, appears to be the code name for the current head of the BlackAir organisation

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