Animal Mimicry

This is a form of Power Duplication. The Hero can duplicate the natural abilities of any animal. The Hero’s body does not significantly change; instead, existing flesh changes the way it functions. For instance, perhaps the lungs can now breathe water. The Rank determines a successful duplication. Normal animal powers require a Typical Intensity FEAT, alien powers require a Good Intensity FEAT, and Mythological creature powers require an Unearthly Intensity FEAT. Should the hero wish to duplicate an imaginary animal or being, he must make a Class 1000 Intensity FEAT. Duration is as long as the power is consciously activated. Should a Hero lose concentration, the power will deactivate.

The Power Ranks for the duplicated Powers is equal to the Animal Mimicry Power Rank. Such powers remain as long as the Hero concentrates on maintaining their existence. Unfortunately, the hero can only Duplicate a single Power at any
one time without Power Stunts. It takes three rounds to activate a power. When a Hero attempts to swap from one power to another, the first power is deactivated for the three rounds required to activate the next.

The Hero must be exposed to a Power in order to later duplicate it. Such Powers must be used within 10 feet of the hero. The act of analyzing a Power for later duplication takes three turns in combat or if it is clearly being used. In no way does this affect the source of the Power. Since the Power must be used, aggressive animals can be a hazardous source of new Powers.

A Green Reason FEAT enables the Hero to store the Power for later duplication. Appropriate skills and access to animals may make it possible to work out a Power and use it as if you have been exposed to it in action; but this will take hours of study: 50 hours minus the Hero’s Reason rank. However by this method, the powers of extinct or mythological animals could eventually be duplicated.

It is assumed the Hero has been exposed various animal Powers at some point the past. Initially the character has a limited number of Powers he has already encountered; these are represented by Powers already generated but set aside.

The Hero has a finite number of Powers she can duplicate. The maximum number is equal to his Power rank number. If the Hero exceeds the limit, the new Power replaces an old one.

The Hero can develop Power Stunts that enables them to duplicate non-animal powers or talents, use multiple powers at once, activate a power in one round, to mimic a given animal exactly i.e. limited shape change, communicate with animals, control animals, summon animals etc etc.

Depending on the character back ground one can assume the user has managed to fill up to half of their available slots already.

The following are rules for specific animal power.

Earthly Animal Powers

Note – require a typical intensity feat roll to duplicate

Agility of the Adder
Amphibian Gender Swap
Anaconda Spine
Bullfrog Endurance
Chameleon Eyes
Chameleon Stealth
Cobra Hypnotism
Electrical Generation
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Abilities
Frozen Frog
Gecko Wall Climbing
Komodo Dragon Tracking
Moonlight Navigation
Piranha Frenzy
Salamander ‘Regeneration’
Scale Armour
Sea Snake Skin
Shed Skin
Skint Self-Amputation
Snake Bite
Sonic Snap
Speed of the Fly
Voice of a Liar Bird

Mythical Animal Powers

Note – require an unearthly intensity feat roll to duplicate

Basilisk’s Gaze
Essence of the Black Shuck
Flight of Quetzalcoatl
Hide of a Kelpie
Touch of the Nuckelavee

Unearthly Animal Powers

Note – require a good intensity feat roll to duplicate
For Alien Powers

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Animal Mimicry

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