Anaconda Spine

The Hero can stretch their spine and constrict an enemy with the strength of an anaconda.

A ‘Good’ intensity Feat roll mimics the powers of a single Anaconda as follows:

The Hero’s strength will increase to Excellent if possible. A Hero with higher than Excellent strength will retain that higher rank.

The Anaconda Spine gives the hero a +2CS to fighting and grappling. When the “Snake” is coiled on, they can gain a +5CS to hit with a bite attack.

Whilst using Anaconda Spine, the Hero can make a suffocation attack at Excellent rank. Those opponents with good strength need a yellow feat roll to break out. Those opponents with Typical strength need a red feat roll. Those opponents with poor or less strength are helpless. Opponents Endurance drops 1CS per round. The victim blacks out when Endurance hits 0. Judges determine when death occurs.

A Hero can either suffocate or use the fighting/bite bonuses, not both simultaneously, as suffocating takes a lot more strength than just holding them in place.

At higher ranks (Amazing+) the mimic can add their power rank number to their strength and fighting stats. This is in addition to the +2CS and +5CS combat modifiers mentioned above.

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Anaconda Spine

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