A Slice From The Shard

These are the every day stories of the team who make it possible for the Knights of Albion to do what they do

David Chadwick

The driver – As the preferred driver for Mr Williams, Dave is at the peak of his career path. his military training and advanced driving skills may not be as honed as they once were, but in a pinch he still a great man to have behind the wheel. 07:15 on the dot, 5 days a week he is at Mr Williams London house. He watches the morning ritual of the good bye kiss with the wife and kids – and feels included in the family; as little Polly waves the paws of her stuffed rabbit at him.

Her father chats to her mother about milk and bread and the little domestic chores that even senior Military Intelligence civil servants have to deal with. Dave put on his cap, opens the door for his boss, and fights the good fight against the London traffic as he heads towards the Shard

end of another Monday

Dave leans against the counter chatting to Gladys as she shuts down the tea room for another day. its always a good idea to keep in her good books – you get extra slices of bacon on your Friday breakfast bun if she likes you; and no one knows more about whats going on in the office than Gladys.

This weeks rumour of note revolves around some sort of argument between IT and the accounts department. Words like ‘misappropriation of funds’ and ‘fraud’ are being bandied about… its probably nothing really… but still interesting .


the dinner lady -

end of another Monday

Johnathon Timms

JT the intern -

end of another Monday

Shameen Azeez

Shameen – Supers IT support


in the call centre -

end of another Monday

Agent Malcolm

Just another agent. Nothing to see here.

end of another Monday

The paperwork was a never-ending struggle. Far more than any other government or private office, the Shard and its complement of Supers generated the damned stuff in abundance. Greg was now down as far as page six of his expense report for a weeks work… a report begun on friday. With five signatures down in only two days, this was almost record breaking speed. Still, finding the day supervisor for the motor pool for his signature after what had been a long weekend for the man would require the tracking instincts of a bloodhound and the tenacity of a pitbull. Then there was the dreadful task of getting his own supervisors’ verification of all the particulars… He sighed. This could wait until after a coffee. Maybe the next mornings’ coffee.

Daniel Lee

internal post officer – and supers fan boy! excelsior!

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