Darkmoor Incarceration Centre for Enhanced Criminals

DICEC has recently come under the remit of MI 13 after the Black Air debacle.

A monolithic pyramid of black stone, 10 stories high. the majority of this facility is actually below ground.

DICEC is a world renowned centre of para-human research, as well as a prison for enhanced beings.

The brigades of the Para-human Response Division (‘The Stainless Steel Rats’) are stationed in the Darkmoor Barracks nearby, and they are the first response team for any possible escape attempts from the facility

Both the barracks and the prison are rumoured to guarded by enhanced beings that live on the moors themselves, though this has been repeatedly dismissed by the government.

in the years when the facility was under the direct command of Black Air, there were repeated allegations of cruel and unusual treatment of the inmates. these allegation have reduced somewhat now that the facility is being administered by MI 13

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