The Nexus


The Nexus


F Remarkable
A Incredible
S Remarkable
E Remarkable
R Incredible
I Incredible
P Excellent

Health 130
Karma 100


Gravity Manipulation (Incredible)

Flight (Remarkable) – completed power stunt from gravity manipulaiton

Body Armour (Incredible)

Data Spike (Remarkable): Nexus has the ability to connect to electronic and computer controlled hardware. He can do this by punching his data spike directly into the device or its network, even if the devise should be irreparably damaged this way, and still control the device. he has mastered doing this remotely at a distance of up to three areas, though at a -1CS to the power rank

Enhanced senses – Nexus has developed the unique ability to see the flow of data and power in and around devices he can potentially control.

wrist laser (Remarkable) energy attack

laser sword Excellent +10 damage ‘hard laser’ sword, this can be parried and blocked as if it were regular blade – Nexus can use this weapon based on his fighting + Martial Arts B skill

flying scythe – Nexus has mastered the power stunt of combining his sword and his flight to selectively attack all targets in a single area – this is particularity deadly when combined with his gravity manipulation.


it is not clear if the suit is a sentient entity in its own right, or if there is someone occupying it.


Engineering, Electronics, Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Detective, Martial Arts B


The Nexus

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