F Incredible
A Incredible
S Remarkable
E Remarkable
R Good
I Incredible
P Excellent

Health 140
Karma 70

Hyper running – Incredible speed. (375 mph)
regularly creates Remarkable intensity cyclones
can run on water and on vertical or overhead surfaces
Toughened skin – has Gd Resistance to all physical attacks due to hyper running adaptation

Fire generation and control Amazing – linked to hyper running. spitfire generates a trial of fire as she runs. she subconsciously controls this to be no more than a visual effect the majority of time, but she has the occasional ability to increase the intensity of the flames she generates

Vampiric powers – as a result of a series of blood transfusion from vampires, Spifires has demonstrated several vampire powers, including night vision, claws, fangs, the ability to detect other vampires and pass as one of them, it is also the reason for her enhanced physical stats. she seems to suffer none fo the usual blood lust and light sensitivity of normal vampires however

Espionage, guns, martial arts B, Martial Arts C, French, German, Tactics, Acting



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