Shameen "The Machine" Azeez

A One Man Army Against The Ever Growing Plague Of Users


You think IT Support is a hard job? Try IT Support in MI13. Has The Engineer recklessly fried his graphics card in his “Steam-powered” computer? Has Lady Britannia punched a hole in her keyboard while trying to update her Facebook page? Has Johnny Timms (JT) the Intern (NPC) managed to get his consciousness stuck in the internet again?

That’s when they call in The Machine.

Shameen has had a unique career in IT consultancy, solving problems most wouldn’t believe. If something goes wrong, raise a ticket and wait for rescue. Be warned there is currently a back log of lost consciouses, stored on USB for safe keeping, but IT will be with you shortly.

Just don’t ask about the printer.

NEVER ask about the printer.


Shameen "The Machine" Azeez

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