Serpentine Spectre

More Functions Than A Swiss Army Cat


Clara Smith has the power Animal Mimicry which can mimic the traits of any animal but she tends towards her favourites, the reptilian family, hence the name, “Serpentine Spectre”.

So far, Clara has been seen to mimic:

  • The Camouflage of a Chameleon when proving she was totally not a ninja
  • The Tracking Sense of a Komodo Dragon when tailing a Dragon Lord punk
  • The Regeneration of a Salamander when recovering from a near fatal neck wound
  • The Scale Armour when fighting off the attacks of the Killer Shrike
  • The Mesmerising Gaze of a Cobra when she paralysed the Killer Shrike with fear
  • The Pheromone Generation to “distract” a guard at the quarry
  • The Sonic Snap of Pistol Shrimp to valiantly slay a paving slab outside an All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant in China Town



F ighting Incredible (36)
A gility Excellent (16)
S trength Typical (5)
E ndurance Typical (5)

R eason Good (8)
I ntuition Excellent (16)
P syche Typical (5)


Animal Mimicry (Monstrous)


Performance Arts


Elemental – Uranium – incapacitates while she in contact with it.


Bhaltair Kincade


Officially, Clara of the Benedict family is dead. You may have heard of the Benedict family – one of the old families of England who seem to be famous for little more than having a lot of money. The Guardian reported she and her sister, Bethany, died in an unfortunate accident at a menagerie on Clara’s sixteenth birthday.

What actually happened was that Bethany was killed, and as Clara recovered from her injuries, she developed strange and unusual powers. She could mimic any animal: grow the claws of a tiger, grow gills and breathe underwater, feather her arms and fly.

Publically, the Benedict family could not survive with such an unusual daughter. Her parents cut her off and disowned her, and announced her death.

Ever since, Clara, now Clara Smith, has been fending for herself in the world. She could not let go of her old dreams though and began to desperately work any job to save the funds for Vetinary school. She found the most lucritive work in the dark clubs in London side streets, where she gained her third name, “Destiny”, as an exotic dancer.

She came to the attention of MI13 when two persistant “fans of her work” accosted her in the car park of the club. She defended herself, but it was MI13 who provided the medical attention after she stretched her torso with the flexibility and strength of an anaconda and constricted a man, breaking most of the bones in his body.

She was admonished, recruited, trained, and now recently a Knight of Albion.

She cares little for titles and the concepts of right or wrong. However she can appreciate working for the “greater good”, as long as it doesn’t interefere with her own goals. She has been self-reliant for a long time, so can sometimes find working in a team challenging. She hasn’t quite given up on her previous life though, and has just finished end of year exams, and can be found working a few regular evenings a week.

Serpentine Spectre

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