Pete Wisdom


F Excellent490005-202147_96960_pete_wisdom_super.jpg
A Good
S Typical
E Typical
R Incredible
I Incredible
P Remarkable

Health 42
Karma 110


Hot knives Monstrous – by absorbing ambient heat/energy he generates ‘knives’ on his hands. when used as claws they do 75 points of heat damage to whatever they touch. Pete has full control of the following power stunts

Heat shield – he can turn his knives into a furnace like field that destroys anything of Incredible or less material strength that tries to pass through it

Thermal Management – Pete can create excellent intensity thermal updrafts – these can be used to slow a fall of any height, or to knock an enemy off balance

hot knife missiles – Pete can fire his knives at will. Each blade only does Typical damage, but he can fire all ten at once at up to ten different targets without a modifier to hit. He can even hit targets that are behind him without having to turn to see them.

Pistols – various types have been used and when required

Guns, knives, marksmen, weapon specialist (hot knives), espionage, Leadership, Tactics,


Pete Wisdom

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