Paul T. Geist


Fighting 0
Agility Typical (5)
Strength Excellent (16)
Endurance Typical (5)

Reason Remarkable (26)
Intellect Typical (5)
Psyche Excellent (16)


Lifeform Creation: Feeble
Like all good magicians, Paul can pull rabbits out of is hat or pigeons from his sleeves, but not cats out of a bag.

Matter animation – Air: Incredible
Paul’s primary capabilities stem from his interactions with the air, able to manipulate it to produce a wide range of effects

Spirit Body
Paul is intangible to all earthly materials, and maintains his form through unknown means. This allows him to float, fade from view and walk through walls, and renders him immune to most forms of harm. It also presents issues with everyday tasks like picking up objects and using communications devices.

Paul’s training as a stage magician includes a talent for hypnosis, although not to a superhuman level


Paul T. Geist was the stage name of Paul Taylor, magician, mesmerist and escape artist. Unfortunately, he was not a good enough escape artist to escape when an act went wrong, except that his spirit reappeared on stage even as his body fell into the furnace, still locked in a safe. The show went on, as they must, but at the end a man from MI13 was waiting in the green room. Now he spends his days defending the realm, save for the three shows per week and the occassional tour.

He used to do childrens’ parties, but finds it inappropriate now.

Paul T. Geist

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