Lady Britannia

Lady of Asgard. Fierce and Brutal Warrioress.


Lady Britannia is a striking figure of Amazonian stature. She certainly draws a crowd when she makes an appearance, especially when she is resplendent in her Asgardian apparel. She has wild golden hair and muscles to make even the Terminator jealous.

Her strength and senses are far beyond that of any puny human. She is the Tank of the Knights of Albion, with a punch first, ask questions later attitude.


F ighting Monstrous (63)
A gility Excellent (16)
S trength Monstrous (63)
E ndurance Monstrous (63)

R eason Incredible (36)
I ntuition Excellent (16)
P syche Typical (5)

Powers / Equipment
Diadem of the Æsir


Radiowave Gen – metal- targeted (Monstrous)
Radiowave Gen – anything – targeted (Incredible)

Developing Power stunts:

Radiowave Gen – anything – area effect (Excellent)
Radar sense (Remarkable)
Shockwave (Amazing)
Earthquake (Amazing)
Hyper Leap (Amazing)
Sonic Clap (Amazing)

Asgardian style armour (Amazing)

Weapons mastery +1 CS
Asgardian Tech +1 CS
Wilderness Survival
First Aid

Powers do not work in contact with lead -2 CS



Lady Britannia was a member of the Valkyrior under the command of Brunnhilde and first came to Earth over a millennia ago to gather heroic mortal warriors for Valhalla.


She was mainly called to battlefields in Ancient Britain and so the people worshipped her as Britannia. Upon returning to Asgard when Odin put a stop to visiting Midgard she was given the title Lady Britannia (true name unknown to the Knights of Albion at this point) in reward for the duties she carried out.

In the intervening years before being ordered back to Earth by Odin in a “Race Relations Exercise”, Lady Britannia stayed by Brunnhilde’s side and went on many glorious adventures, honing her skills as a great Warrioress.

Lady Britannia

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