Johnny Bifrost


F EX 20
A GD 10
S TY 6
E GD 10
R TY 6
I TY 6
P TY 6

Health: 46
Karma: 18

Resources: PR (4)
Popularity: 0


Mirrored eyes – all of Johnnys powers seem to be linked to this mutation

Protected Senses: Johnny ignores attacks to his eyes of less than Amazing Intensity.
Infravision: He can see in normal darkness to a range of 5 areas. Darkness created by a Power (such as the Darkforce) with an Intensity of Amazing or better limits his sight to two feet.

Light Emission: By absorbing and focusing existing light, Johnny can emit twin beams of Remarkable light energy. As normal light, the Power can be used to illuminate a 1-area radius, or to temporarily blind a foe. As laser light, the beams inflict Remarkable Energy
damage. In all cases, range is limited to 8 areas.

Reflection: Johnny can reflect Energy and Force attacks by absorbing them through his body and emitting them from his eyes. If the attack is of Amazing (50) Intensity or less, the entire
attack is reflected, and Johnny suffers no damage. any damage over 50 points he tales as normal

Energy absorbed by Johnny must be reflected as soon as possible (in the same turn, or the one following). He may reflect the energy at any target within range. Maximum range is equal to the maximum range of the original attack.

In all cases, Johnny must succeed at an Agility FEAT to strike his target. Attacks based on light energy (lasers, for example) are easily controlled by him—he gains a +3CS on his Agility FEAT.

Resistance to Radiation: Johnny has Amazing (50) protection against all forms of radiation.

Martial Arts B, knives, lock picking


Johnny Bifrost

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