Gregory Williams-Gray

late 50s, Tall, elegant. Old school tie and all that


F = Ty (6) R = Rem (30)
A = Ty (6) I = Rem (30)
S = Ty (6) P = Inc (40)
E = Ex (20)

H = 38
Karma = 100


None however:
Mr Williams is almost always accompanied by his driver, Dave Chadwick, who has excellent fighting and remarkable driving abilities. Dave is always Armed with both normal ammunition and Nulifier rounds (1 reload of ‘-5CS’ shells)


Mr Williams has access to a huge variety of MI13 and British military equipment at a moments notice. However, other than when he has been ordered to do so by his driver, he seldom carries any kinds of weapon or device


Personal spells

(112 points available, must rest or meditate to regain them)
  • Astral Projection – Inc(40)
  • Charm – Inc (40)
  • Eldritch Bolt – Darkforce – Inc (40) (cold/kinetic damage)

Entreaty spells

(takes 1 full round to cast)

  • Crystals of Cyndriarr – Am(50) (area becomes filled with razor sharp flying squares inflicting Am(50) edge attack on anything in the area – can be used defensively around the castor or projected as an attack up to 6 areas away)


Student, Contacts gathering, Rugby (‘+1CS’ to charging attacks and endurance rolls), Acting, French, German, Latin, Politics, Economics, Philosophy, , Marksman (‘+1CS’ to range attacks), Occultism, Bureaucracy, Current affairs


Mr Williams has around 70 significant contacts that he can call on for favors at a moments notice, far too many to list here. it is more or less safe to assume that if he needs to talk to someone, he knows them already or can very quickly be introduced to the person he wants to speak to by a good friend.


Having gained a first at Cambridge in “P.P. & E.” young Gregory quickly tired of the mindlessness of political life. Fortunately he soon fond out he had a flare for security work when he was recruited into MI5 and quickly made a name for himself. Having shown an outstanding ability when facing down a band of mystical cultists he was soon recruited by R.C.X.

Over the years he has steadily gone up through the ranks and even managed to weather the storm from his time in middle management in Black Air . With the collapse of Black Air and his previous MI5 credentials he was a front runner for the position of head of MI13 London. but he was ‘piped at the post’ by LtCol Smythe-Brown. Sadly the LtCol proved unable to match the demands of his office and he has since been reallocated to the department of fisheries. having heard of his departure, Gregory had a quiet word with Pete Wisdom and was quickly offed the job. He has been in post for about 8 months now

Gregory Williams-Gray

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