Faiza Hussain

Steward of the Black Knight



F Good
A Typical
S Typical
E Typical
R incredible
I Excellent
P Excellent

Health 28
Karma 80


Living Cross-Section Monstrous
Living Cross-Section: Faiza has the power to disassemble anything, including people, into their component parts, manipulate them on an atomic level, and reassemble them. While taking people apart, she can take their limbs, organs, and bones apart, then reassemble them, putting them back together, and then restore it to its original condition. This is possible due to the fact that she innately knows the composition of anything she affects with her powers. Faiza is also capable of focusing on certain areas in particular.
Those affected by Faiza’s power remain conscious and able to talk throughout. When Faiza actively uses her power, a blue glow appears around her hand. This blue glow also appears around anyone currently affected by the power.

Paralysis: Faiza can also immobilise multiple people at once, without disassembling them. The effect lasts until Faiza wills otherwise.

chain armour – Faiza uses armour that looks like chain mail. it is also effective against ballistic and energy attacks – good protection

Excalibur – yes, ‘that’ Excalibur
class 3000 material.

Class 1000 Reality Control
though Faiza has yet to demonstrate the ability to use it. Excalibur seems to be sentient in some way, and chooses who wields it and how it can be used. It has been argued that it created several prominent realities such as the ladies of the lake for its own purposes. Merlin may also have been created by Excalibur.

Biology, Medicine, surgery, swords


Faiza Hussain

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