The Engineer

The Ever-Inventing Victorian Adventurer


Standing a hair short of six feet tall, dark black hair and facial hair usually in the proper form of some good muttonchops or a beard if he’s been working a lot recently. No matter what he’s doing, he’s usually still wearing Victorian dress, appropriate for the task at hand.

Along with his prodigious intellect and incomparable engineering abilities, Jeremiah has recently demonstrated the ability to move at speeds beyond those most humans can achieve


From the exerts of Doctor James Nixon, confidant and friend of the missing.

“Well, truth be told I don’t know what happened to Jerry, some say he fled the country after the scandal with the niece of the earl of Colchester, others say he emigrated to the states to share is invention there. Some say he died fighting the vicious Martian lizard that once tried to nest in the crystal palace. Me, I think he’s out there somewhere, fighting the good fight or..well, inventing something to do it for him.”__

From the exerts of Detective Inspector Charles Winforth
“Dunno where the bugger’s gone but I think we’re right good that it’s not here. Did you read about when he created all those tiny mechanical rats to try and turn the city of London’s rat population into his private spy force? Or when his damned fool walking engine got stuck against the clocktower and kept trying to scale it no matter what we did? No. Wherever Watkins is, he ain’t here, and that’s all the better.

victorian-man-walking-towards-a-row-of-cottages-lee-avison.jpg – Last known picture of Jeremiah Watkins, circa, 1888

The Engineer! A time lost hero from yesterday! Determined that if his London’s gone, he’s going to try and save this new London he’s found himself in. Though having no powers as some of his cohorts have, the Engineer uses his phenomenal mind and brilliant brain to create devices and weapons to solve any occasion!

He arrived in London after a small mishap involving a shapeshifting murderer. The cad had tried to flee the scene using some kind of filthy alien portal device, however! When Watkins pursued him through the portal, it interacted with Watkin’s own devices, and, rather than letting the cad escape, it took both the murderer and the Engineer to the strange and bizarre time of 2014!

The murderer used his powers to escape! But Watkins is confident he will find the Cad once more, since then, in one of his brief forays into London (prior to his debriefing of course, after he’d been forced to let himself out of London’s finest’s cells (All a big misunderstanding of course) ) He consulted a library and found that no further tales of him existed after his going through the portal…knowing this, he knows that if he returns, it could alter this times world catastrophically, and so, with good grace, he has agreed to stay here, to show these foolish mechanics of the 21st century, that all those microchips and computers are no substitute for steam, elbow grease, and good old fashioned British ingenuity. (though he has embraced to a certain extent the delights of twitter )

The Engineer

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