Fiesty cat-woman. Rooftops are her second home


catseye.jpgF ighting Excellent (16)
A gility Remarkable (26)
S trength Excellent (16)
E ndurance Excellent (16)

R eason Excellent (16)
I ntuition Typical (5)
P syche Good (8)

Night Vision Excellent (16)
Body Armour Remarkable (26)
Regeneration Incredible (36)
Claws Poor (3)

Stunts underway
Heal (other) Good (8) 7/10 power stunts
Heal (self) Remarkable (26) 1/10 power stunts
Razor Claws Claws to Good (10) 2/10 power stunts

3D manoeuvre gear
Web slinging (3 areas/round, 45mph)
Edged attack Typical (5)
Body Excellent (16)
2 CS to agility (max Amazing)

3D gear Stunts
Entangle 1/10 power stunts

Martial Arts C



Catseye has always been remarkably shy about her origins. The Knights of Albion have never pressed the issue with her, content apparently with her proven skills and comradeship.

After the Knights’ encounter with the ‘MI13’ base on the Isle of Sheppy (see Issues 4 to 6 ) she has been digging into the fore-runner organisations who laid the groundwork for the current agency, and the mysterious Black Air organisation.

She appears to have taken the red ninjas, revealed to be members of the Hand, as a personal affront. (see Issue 7 and 8 ). Their skills have allowed them to easily elude her best efforts, and she refuses to let this stand. No doubt much greater trouble will come from this!


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