Bhaltair Kincade

Meta-Criminologist and Geneology Enthusiast


Bhaltair is from a long line of proud Kincade, and normally resides in his family home near Edinburgh. However is work in Criminology of the Super kind has recently been having him work in London. He has an office as an Honourary Lecturer in the Imperial College where can can usually be found or contacted.

He is a tall wiry gentleman with a passion for mysteries and puzzles, yet little patience for riddles and nonsense.


Bhaltair’s office is filled with papers, maps, trinkets, and a lot of bits of string. In particular, he currently has a vast map of the city of York, circa 1880s, covered in pins which are connected with bits of red wool. The opposite wall is lined with bookcases filled with history books, mythology, psychology, and many more “ologies” one would need a lifetime to understand. His desk is covered with newspapers, some of recent Meta-incidents, some of grizzly murders from the Victorian era.

Recently, he been aiding the Knights of Albion in a case regarding the “the Celestial One”.

Bhaltair Kincade

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