Knights of Albion

Issues 1 to 3 (volume 1)

Previously in the Knights of Albion

Previously in the Knights of Albion….

tumblr_lzpu8fd92j1qc3h7bo1_500.jpgThe Murmura Furentium, by Bartholomew Jacobs, an obscure text with mystical accreditation, was stolen from the British library! With national and international coverage, with celebrities and art critics all commenting 24hrs a day, the UK Government was forced to create a rapid response team for this crime. With clear evidence of meta human involvement, MI 13 put together a unit to investigate the crime.

Talking to the library head curator of antiquities, (Prof) Maximilian Pride, they soon gained access to the crime scene and a non-to-subtle link to the infamous “Torture Gang” – the Magia affiliated Richardson gang from south London. Our team of investigators soon figured out there must have been an insider link of some sort, and it was thanks to their impeccable human interaction skills they eventually realised that Felicia Bifrost (assistant to the good professor) has a younger brother called Johnny who has significant gang links to the ‘Flashing Blades’.

Our team of intrepid super heroes head for the “Prospect of Whitby” in Wapping. This drinking hole is the main hangout of the flashing blades.

Magia style thugs attack the bar, as our heroes arrive, and hideous screaming comes from inside. It soon becomes clear that what can only be described as fully fledged werewolf attack is in progress!

After a few close calls, Hawker soon manages to put a leash on the werewolf, who then vanishes in a coruscating display of a mysterious green energy field. Talking to Johnny our team is pointed in the direction of the ‘Buzz Cuts’ another street gang with known links, not always friendly, to the Magia and the Richardson gang…

The Starkey pool hall is the next link in the chain, but as our team go to investigate this sleazy dive on Deptford street, the patrons are attacked! Inside a growing pool of darkness, form which cries of pain and anguish are emanating has covered half of the pool hall, and the other half of the establishment is quickly turning into a riot as the remaining patrons try to escape what can only be described as Frankenstein’s monster!

Once again out team of mighty heroes save the day, and the grateful remnants of the Buzz-cuts reveal that the Richardson gang operate out of the ’Roarin 20s night club, on Rushy Green in Catford. The Richardsons have a regular, high stakes poker game in private area of the club on a regualr basis

Cleverly making use of the phantasmal Paul T Geist, our heroes learn that a prominent Magia enforcer is traveling to London to take part in this poker game, and they hatch a brilliant plan to replace this individual at the game and try to find out what the torture gang are up to, and how they have managed to use the book to summon these unspeakable horrors!

At the game they soon find out that the Richardson gang has been set up! they didn’t steal the book, and have nothing to do with the monster attacks. whoever is behind it all however has been in touch with Davey Richardson, head of the gang, and arranged a meeting at Marble arch at Midnight tonight…

Wasting no time out team set up observation on Marble Arch and wait for events to unfold….

As our team await events, they see a lone figure dressed in the typical Magia style, walk under the arch.

Moments later a plethora of monsters appear out of nowhere: Werewolf, Frankenstein, the creeping shadow, a shambling scarecrow figure, a pair of pumpkin headed ghouls, a moth winged succubus and enormous black chicken (!) materialise in an eerie green flash and attack the man under the arch.

As our team launch their counter attack, they realise there are two more figures leaping into the fight! The Eel and the Scorpion are both om hand to defend their Magia allies!

The three way fight quickly escalates as hordes of zombies suddenly burst from the ground. hampered by the need to protect the public our heroes are hard pressed, but eventually save the day.

The next days papers and new blogs are full of shaky pictures and videos of the Marble Arch affair, MI 13 find themselves in the center of a media frenzy and somewhat reluctantly they decide the only way to handle things is to go public with the investigation team. The Knights of Albion are Born!

Territorial Army Reserve armoury robbed in Bexleyheath!! Two crates of assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition for them have gone missing – once again the criminals who stole the Murmura Furentium have struck. Having seen him action twice now, our team are convinced that it is non other than the creeping shadow who was present at both Robberies… is this masked man the mastermind behind the dastardly plot?!?

Summoned in to the office of Mr Williams (their direct superior) the Knights of Albion are ordered to recover each and every weapon as a top priority. In the wrong hands this arsenal could be a force for evil such as London has hardly ever seen.

Somewhat at a loss as to how to proceed, the heroes decide to follow the only clue they have; a message on their newly created forum from someone calling themselves Johnny B – “Knight of Albion; meet me in Hyde park at midnight, near Berts place”

Fearing a trap, but unable to think of a better plan, the team stake out the Albert memorial well in advance of the deadline….

It soon transpires that Johnny Bifrost has learnt the error of his ways and wants to quit the Flashing blades. The recent Monster attacks have shown him the dangers of his chosen lifestyle, and he is worried by the recent developments. A new gang on the block, going by the name of the “Faces of Fear” have been making waves, and they are now calling a London wide gang meeting to deal with the increasing number of attacks from, they assume, the Richardson gang and their new force of magical monsters. grateful for the rescue during the first werewolf attack, Johnny has decided to try and atone, at least a little, for what he has done in the past by helping the knights now.

The knights are soon informed that ‘The Boss’ of the Faces of Fear will be at the docks at 1 am tonight!

With no time to waste the team head out to try and make the meeting…

At the docks the team sync together like clock work, taking down the various gang members, forcing the notorious Mr Fear to flee the scene, and recapturing almost all of the assault rifles! it seems the Faces of Fear were behind the armoury theft. Is Mr Fear the master mind behind the plot to frame the Richardson gang? It was clear that he was trying to recruit the other London Gangs to his cause and give them the means to wage an all out war on the Torture gang and, by logical extension, the UK Magia as a whole… and there still a few of the assault rifles missing that must be recovered at all costs!

The story Continues

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