Knights of Albion

The Journal of Jeremiah Watkins (Adventure Log report)

Adventure Log from the 16th July

Dear Diary

Where was I…Oh yes. When Last I updated you, we’d just encountered a rather unfortunate chap who had had his wife kidnapped if you can believe it! Damned Chinese gang again, starting to become a bit of a problem in the beautiful city of London.

Anyway, the team and I went and found the place where she was meant to be held, only to find it was a trap. I must say, while I admire greatly our stealthy allies, they do have bad luck from time to time. I joined in shortly afterwards, only going in from the ground floor. I was reliably informed that a rather flamboyant individual with inferior tech (I later found out) Named Killer Shrike was upstairs and dealt with the team. I had the easier task downstairs of dealing with about twenty ruffians.

I must say, back in my day we had both a better quality of thug and banter, these chaps were sadly lacking in both skill and witty repartee. They were quickly dispatched by my freezotron 350 and I joined in with the scuffle upstairs. Once up there we quickly dealt with the buffoon and discovered that our unfortunate friend’s wife was being held at the docks. Now, in my day we’d just charge right over there, but nowadays there’s so much paperwork.

We radioed ahead to the chaps in charge to let them know that, like it or not, we’d be coming onto their turf, and it was lucky that we did! We arrived just in time to stop some of the Torture Gang throwing the poor lass into the Thames, a fate I wouldn’t wish on any but my worst enemy. It was at that point, that the evening took an unpleasant turn! Those damned flatfoots of the harbour shot us! Taking us prisoner which seemed damned rude of them, however it did give us the opportunity to question the people involved in the kidnapping.

It was at this point, dear diary, that I must report something rather unpleasant. During our interrogation, lady Britannia used that artefact of hers to attack the chap’s brain, smoke coming from his very ears. It was at this point that I warned her that if she did anything like this again, then regardless of the consequences, I would stop her, permanently.

The next day we ventured to the White Lotus tea shop, a lead given to us upon one of the other members of the team’s interrogations. We weren’t there for long before a gang of those blasted gangsters turned up, intent on killing the proprietor of the very fine tea shop! With reinforcements in the form of three giant automatons! Tough as nails and able to electrocute anyone who touched them! We were able to take them down eventually, but it made me realise, that whoevers out to take down these white tigers, they view them as a serious threat.


stealthH NikMak

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