Knights of Albion

Tea and Snakes

Many Thanks

After catching their breath at the tea shop, Wu Fong, the owner of the White Lotus Tea House, formally gives his thanks to the knights for their efforts in saving both his life and that of his daughter. Linda Fong also bows deeply to show her respect.

In the conversation that follows several points of interest come into view: Wu Fong gives very heavy hints that the he is the ‘Tigers Claw’; the leader of The White Tigers. Taking great care to never formally state he is a member of the organisation, it quickly becomes clear that the White Tigers are out of their depth.

Back when it was just the Dragon lords, the White Tigers were more than a match for a bunch of local street toughs and drug dealers. But now that the Dragon lords are teamed up with the Richardsons (only The Maggia use the types Dreadnought Robots that attacked the tea shop, and Paul T Geist says he recognised Davey Richardson himself), and the Faces of Fear teaming up with this new set of highly skilled assassins the Si Fan… the White Tigers need all the help they can get keeping the streets of London safe.

Without a moment’s hesitation the Knights offer their help, and Master Wu hands a set of four two-way radios out the group.

An Unexpected Present

The next day our heroes spend recovering, meeting their private obligations and catching up on some much needed studying time. The Engineers day is brightened somewhat by the unexpected arrival of a suspicious package! Daniel Lee the post master for MI13-Shard has taken charge of the parcel after it was delivered by courier with no delivery receipt… somewhat gingerly passing the buck over to the resident mad scientist he gladly exist the room and lets the inestimable intellect of Jeremiah Watkins get to work. It is the simplest of matters for our Victorian Gent to diffuse the device and disassemble it safely in his blasting room. The various parts are sent off for forensic investigation. Most telling however is the presence of a severed cats head adjacent to the bomb, with a note stating “you have been judged, found guilty: and are sentenced to pain!” It seems the Richardson’s didn’t appreciate the interference of the Knights at the tea shop attack!

Also throughout the day the extradition warrants for the Silver Samurai arrive: He is wanted for multiple counts of murder and even mass murder in both the US and Hong Kong. It seems that when cornered he is known to use a devastating area attack with little regard of the civilians who may be caught in the blast.

A Pleasant Evening Ruined

Later that day, following the advice of Master Wu and his daughter Linda, our heroes congregate near china town as the last of the evening rush hour begins to fade. London is its usual hubbub and bustle, and china town is alive with restaurant goers, tourists taking in the sites and the locals enjoying the balmy summer evening. It is only moments however before the peaceful city life is broken and the radios blear into life – there is an attack at the snake house!

Lady Britannia, the Serpentine Spectre and Paul T Geist rush off to investigate, whilst Catseye, blue bolt and the engineer stay by the tea shop in case it is a diversion to lure them away from protecting Master Wu.

At the snake house they see none other than the Silver Samurai clutching a wriggling bag in each hand! He is flanked with a dozen Si Fan ninjas as well. With a curse and a shouted threat to ‘kill them all when he next has time’ he vanishes in a coruscating flash of tachyon particles. The Si Fan launch their attack, but they are no match for the three members of the party who responded to the Snake house attack. In the mopping operation afterwards, we learn that the snake house has been raided for upwards of fifty snakes, with little clear motive. Though a matched and mated pair of Rose Pythons were also taken, and they are extremely valuable… petmania-albino-python-1.jpg

But more telling perhaps is the Silver Samurais reported statements at the time of the robbery – he was overheard to say “These will warm the cold dead heart of the Celestial One”.

The Blast From The Past

The next day the forensics report on the bomb is back, and it seems that the blasting caps used were sold to the ‘Black-Hill quarry’ operation. Further checking reveals that the black hill quarry was shut down nearly 20 years ago, but the explosives licencing body reports that they have been actively purchasing blasting materials for the entire duration since their supposed shut down!

Deeply concerned the team head out. The Blue Bolt transports the squadron there on his flying double-decker-sofa. Once they arrive it is a matter of moments for the Serpentine Spectre to sway the mind of the lone security guard with her irresistible presence (somewhat enhanced by the pheromones she saturates his every breath with!) With the guard distracted from his need to delay their investigations, the team quickly uncover what is obviously some sort of drug transfer point. Parcels of brown powder and rolls of cash are found in a locked chest. A further search of the area reveals something more. On the other side of the hill, Catseye comes across a secret entrance! It has obviously not been used for decades, but who ever built it seems to have some link to our feline heroine, as the door security systems activate as she passes her hand over it…

To be continued


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