Knights of Albion

Issues 4 to 6 (Volume 1)

Chocolate Bomb Bombs

Once again the Knights make headlines and the recovery of the (majority) of the weapons cache in a little under 16 hours is hailed as major achievement. The only headlines that vie with our heroes that day is the very odd story of the residents of one London’s largest Morgues getting up and walking out of the Whittington Hospital!

At the same time the team are contacted by Felicia Bifrost again – she wants to meet at the Albert memorial.

Splitting up, our team visit the hospital and manage to save one of the eye witnesses from an overly sweet poisoning plot, and the other half of the team learn form the distraught Felicia that her little brother Johnny has gone missing! Rushing to the urban horror of a council estate to investigate, the team find themselves in his empty room staring at a suspiciously large box of chocolates… of course it’s a bomb! fortunately the engineer is more than a match for the primitive explosive device

Both the poison at the hospital, and the explosive chocolate box at Johnny’s house points toward the Mimet chocolate factory…

Mimets Chocolate Factory is cooking up trouble! Inside the radiation count is off the scale, armed faces of fear gang members tote the last of the missing assault rifles, and what appear to be van loads of poisonous confections are ready to be shipped out! Catseye crashes the party and soon feels the heat in the highly radioactive kitchen! Johnny Bifrost dangles from a thread over a pool of molten chocolate, and the Black Talon (aka the large black chicken guy) is torturing the semi conscious former gang member.
Wasting no time Catseye uses the temporary gifts granted by the Hexing Vulpine and teleports Johnny back to the shard, hoping to save him though though the signs are not good. Lady Britania, the Engineer and the Blue Bolt struggle to bring things to a close as they discover to their horror that the vats of molten chocolate are being stirred not by paddles, but crowds of radioactive zombies!

It’s a close run thing, but eventually the team are victorious, and returning to the shard they can clearly see the smoking hole in the side of the building… a hole they are fairly certain is located more or less where Mr Williams office is located! it soon transpires that Johnny Bifrost has manifested meta human powers as a result of his radiation exposure! it was this that blasted a new window in Mr Williams office…

Questioning of the captured members of the faces of fear finally reveals the dasterdly plot…

The Bosses (there is more than one?!) want to cripple the Richardson gang. The monster attacks and the theft of the ‘magic book’ to pin it on them were to turn the criminal underworld of London against them, the poison chocolates were directly linked to legitimate front used by the Richardsons and was to have tied up the legally usable assets of the gang in a swath of legal cases as their company was caught up in the supply of poisonous sweets to school children, and the bank robbery at Couts & Co tonight will destroy their stores of back up cash!

With a major bank heist due to happen at any moment, and one of the worlds most prestigious banks no less, the team launch into action. At the bank they foil the robbery by Frankenstein and the rest of the Night Shift, but the villains once again vanish in the emerald flash we are now so familiar with

Horror of horrors, after the fight the team are implicated in the robbery! With the security footage somehow showing they are the ones trashing the place and stealing the money!

On a very short leash, and with a significant bail posted, the team carry on the investigation, not only trying to capture the bad guys, but now trying to clear their own names. Johnny Bifrost rings the group and arranges a meet. Since the accident his powers have continued to manifest, and he has developed some sort of link with his sister Felicia. it seems she is in danger! he doesn’t know exactly what is wrong, but he received a vision from her that she was in trouble, and somewhere out near the Kingferry bridge on the isle of Sheppy.

Once again we swing into action, and uncover a Black Air facility conducting research on mutants! Battling against the legacy Sentinel Robots is a pleasant work out for the team, and Felica is returned to safety once more… but what is all this interest in Felica and Johnny Bifrost all about?

At something of a loss, the team return to the British library to talk to Prof. Pride. he has been doing research and learnt two things – Bartholmew Jacobs was hung at Tybourne (aka Marble arch no less! ) and since the teams fight at the famous tourist attraction, a ghostly figure has prowled the area every night at midnight!

With the Hexing Vulpine preparing the ground for a supernatural encounter, the team await the witching hour. As expected the haunting form appears! Bound by red hot chains to a burning pillar it seems he is still being punished for his unspeakable crimes… but he wants to help!

Over the centuries he claims to have learnt the error of his ways, and he needs to ensure that his book does not fall into the wrong hands! the book is a source of enormous power, and he must help the heroes to recover it… with more bravery than most, Lady Britannia steps forward to try and release him from his spectral bonds. There is a scream and a flash and Lady Britannia arises, but much changed. true to his word the spectral Bartholomew Jacobs catches the scent of his missing book and leads the team on to their next port of call.

The Camden catacombs are soon accessed, and these in turn lead down into the sewers and tunnels beneath the metropolis. With the ancient spirit possessing the body of their team mate, it is short work to find the villains’ lair.

Suddenly things take a more bizarre turn, as the spirit of the author is ripped from Asguardian’s body and the fell forces demand the return of their property and destruction of the book! Not sure exactly what just happened lady Britannia informs her team mates they had a narrow escape at the hands of the sorcerer; his goal being everlasting life once he got his hands on the book! the fell powers released her back to her body in order to recover his spirit, and with the demand that the book be destroyed!

The Final Battle!!

Now at the doorstep of the perpetrators, they burst in to the lair only to find themselves expected!

Arrayed in front of them is the full might of the remainng members of the Night Shift, Mr Fear, Mentello, The Fixer and lady Anguish aka Felica Bifrost!!! (dun-dun-DAHHH!)

The battle is long and hard….




The climatic battle rages back and forth, but eventually , thanks to quick thinking and team work of the knights, they stand victorious. Mentello and Mr Fear are both captured, but it transpires that the Fixer… was only some sort of andriod! All records indicate the real Fixer died several years ago; so who or what is behind this particular simulacrum?

No clues can be found to answer that question, and both Mr Fear and Mentello refuse to cooperate. the Night Shift and Felica have undergone some sort of mind control. Shroud, Adam and Jack Russel return to their usual super hero duties, and the rest of the Night Shift are returned to prison.

it seems the teleoportation used by Mentello and the Fixer not only transported people, it could overwrite the mind of the person transported! they had all been under the control of the Fixer-robot and Mentello all along.

With the vile machine destroyed, the book recovered, and their names cleared thanks to the recovery of the missing, unadulterated surveillance footage from the bank, the Knights of Albion headed back to the shard, to once more take up their vigil against the forces of evil that threaten Britain (but are not quite important enough to bother eXcalibur with!)

The story Continues

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