Knights of Albion

Issue 8 (Volume II)


A few days off?

Having dealt a major blow to the Richardson families drug network, and apprehended the nefarious Chemist, a degree of normality has returned to the streets of London. Our team enjoy a few well-earned days rest and relaxation (or zoological study and work in the engineering labs for some).

As Cats-eye completed her martial arts training under the guidance of Master Wu Fong, she is surprised to realise that someone has been rifling through her clothes… A few moments later the phone placed in her pocket starts to ring! A distinctly upper class British accent is on the other end of the untraceable call, and he seems keen to share information with cats-eye, but is clearly under an extreme time constraint that makes communications almost impossible. Who is this person, and have they truly managed to infiltrate the inner workings of the Si Fan as they claim?

Meanwhile the engineer uses the time available to renew his friendship with the Blue Bolt and the two of them work together to make changes and alterations to whatever insane gizmo he is currently obsessed with. Clara locks herself away and hits the books, her Zoology degree aiding the rapid expansion of her powers. Her time spent as part of the Knights of Albion is rapidly increasing the control she wields over her abilities.

Taking a few moments out of his busy schedule the Engineer is confronted by the spectral Paul T Geist. The Engineers constant allusions on the deathly status of our resident ‘spook’ were not just based on his inability to accept the supernatural! The Engineer has developed a ‘life detection ocular filter’ to his energy detecting googles, and he informs Paul T Geist that he is in no way dead, that in fact not only is Paul still very much alive, but the engineer is certain he can, with a just a little effort, locate the exact position of his unconscious body!

Hardly daring to believe the truth of it, Paul and the engineer set off. A few minutes later the two of them are at the back of the the west end theatre where he performs every week! The small courtyard at the back of the building shows an on obvious area where the cobbled courtyard has been dug up and repaired. Uncertain as to what he will find, Paul allows his spectral form to sink into the ground… moments later the engineer is appaled to hear muffled scremscreams coming from beneath the earth!

Wasting no time he uses his incredibly powerful ‘Fist-i-guns’ to smash the earth between him and whatever hellish torments his comrade is experiencing. Putting the call out to the rest of the team, in moments Blue Bolt has flown Lady Britannia and Casts-eye to the scene . Her Asguardain thews glisten with the exertion required but Lady Britannia has soon uncovered an awful sight beneath the earth…

Paul T Geist is very much alive, just as the engineer had said, but his body is a burnt ruin! The barely human howls of agony are quickly quelled by the feline grace of Cats-eye however. Utilising her ab-human blood she places a few drops into the open wounds of her compatriot and passes on the ability to regenerate damage to her scarified comrade for a few minutes.

The unparalleled healing ability is soon at work and Paul is returned to the land of the living! It seems the tragic accident that engulfed him on stage several years ago did not kill and bring him back as a disembodied spirit; instead it awoke a previously unknown supernatural power! Our friendly ‘ghost’ is in fact a spirit or psychic projection of some sort, and it is clear from the prolonged entombment that whilst in this state Pauls living body goes into a state of deep suspended animation – the wounds he suffered on the night of the accident had been as a fresh and raw as the day they were first inflicted!

Coming to terms with his new status leaves Paul a little confused; but this soon passes as he can once more, after his skin has grown back, revel pass the delights of physical sensation!

Another few days pass by and the peace that has descended on china town is a welcome reprieve from the mayhem of the recent weeks. The Dragon Lords are gone, and with no clear adversary to antagonise them, the Faces of Fear move into the area and take of the reins of petty crime and in the power vacuum left behind with no significant disturbance. The deaths from the synthetic poison crafted by the Maggia/ Chemist have stopped. For that small mercy everyone is truly grateful. As part of the celebrations the team are invited to a ceremony of thanks and recognition to be held next week.

il_570xN.500281399_jcd0.jpg Before they have time to feel complacent however Cats-eye is contacted by her mysterious friend once more. It seems the White dragon has allied himself with his former enemies the Si Fan, and they are still actively trying to return the nefarious Fu Man Chu to life.

Later that same day the receive from a mysterious, red shōzoku wearing, figure. She appears out of nowhere in the main meeting room of the KoA during an afternoon briefing session! She reveals no name for herself, and her conversation is terse to say the least, but the lovely assassin makes it plain that the KoA need to act to prevent the rise of Fu Man Chu and they need to act now! It seems the Si Fan are making an attempt to rob the British library and they intend take the Murmura Furentium to raise their dread master from the dead.


Once again the blue bolt rockets them to the scene, and in moments our team are racing through the ground floors of the greatest library on earth. The irreplaceable treasure to either side weighing heavily on their minds as they battle the green clad Si Fan stalking through these hallowed halls. The team quickly recover the duplicate book in the main display area, and realise that both Maximillian Pride, chief curator of the library, and the original version of the ‘Madman’s’ Mutterings’ are also targets of the massive Ninja onslaught. Worse still in the middle of the battle in the display area, a broken phone calls is received. It seems Cats-eyes mysterious new contact has located the headquarters of the Si Fan and is seeking her aid in launching a sortie to recover the body of the Celestial One, and they need back up from the KoA! The name ‘Li Min’ is mentioned before the call is once again abruptly terminated. As they run through the halls the Engineer reveals that he has been investigating Li Fan of the antiques and curiosities shop… his finances are intricate and byzantine, far more so than a simple shop keeper would ever need. Cats-eyes contact must be about to confront Li Min, or someone else who is using the venerable gentleman’s business as cover for more nefarious acts…

Meanwhile Paul drifts through the building to protect the chief librarian, who has barricaded himself in his office. With walls of solid air, combined with the unerring aim of a geriatric Webley in the chief librains hands, the deadly assassins are held off long from the elderly, yet brave, academic as he stands to defend his inner sanctum and his life. In the nick of time the rest of the team to arrive to help. The battle is short and it seem the KoA are more than a match for these low level Si Fan Killers. Snatching up a communicator from their fallen bodies, the Engineer quickly masters the odd dialect of Cantonese they speak, and relays that there are several other units heading for the original copy of Bartholomew Jacobs’ unspeakable tome. Meanwhile another red clad Ninja appears in front of the Blue Bolt and informs him that there are some 40 Si Fan heading their way! With Professor Pride leading the way the team hurriedly make their way to the vaults of the British library: Will they make it in time to stop the Si Fan from stealing the book? Can they battle through the vast hordes of assassins sent to stop them?


Tune in next week to find out!


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