Knights of Albion

Issue 7 and 8 (Volume 1)

Double Issue Special!

The Awakening

The first inkling the knights had that anything was amiss was the unusually, even by London Standards, tail back from a ‘Traffic incident’ near A10 & A503 at Markfield Park. Ambulances are on the scene and minutes later so are MI 13 and the Knights of Albion.

Dead bodies are everywhere, the best part of a dozen young men lying scattered and broken. At first glance it was a particularity brutal gang shooting; but the machine pistol lying in the road and trying to bite anyone who got near it was another matter.

Examining the evidence revealed that several of the machines nearby seem to have developed a life of their own. The pistol was partially animated and had the rude intelligence of an aggressive dog, desperately seeking to harm anyone who came near or trying to touch it. The motor bikes had to be physically lifted from the ground before they would move. the brakes were locked on, and even when the brakes were removed, the wheels still refused to turn!

Examination of the CCTV footage in the area showed a gang of motorcycles bearing down on a group of four youths. a gun is drawn, and two of the youths go down… then all the bikes suddenly stop and the drawn pistol is systematically, and independently targeting the prone bikers! The two remaining youths fled the scene.

its not much to go on, but this is definitely a case for the Knights of Albion.

Lacking familiarity with the North London Gang scene, and facing the prospect of a youth gang with access to paranormal abilities, a meeting is held between MI13, The Tridant Gang Squad (ably represented by Chief Superintendent Dean Haydon, and his Turkish Gangs expert Det. Inspector Peter Koylan) somewhat alarmingly MI 5 are also represented by a ‘Mr Syth’ and a ‘Mr Brown’.

The Knights are briefed on the murky world of the Turkish and Kurdish gangs of North London. Our heroes also learn that MI 5 have an agent in the field, but they will not identify who this person is to the investigating team! Instead they offer up away to identify the individual, if he should decide to break cover and talk to the Heroes during their investigations.

Several days of low profile foot slogging then follow. It soon becomes apparent that the motorcycle riding gunmen in the initial incident were members of the ‘Snooker boys’, who were defending their turf from some sort of incursion. The one victim who was not local was eventually identified as being a student at the Stoke Newington 6th form college, adjacent to the Shakespeare estate. On the road heading towards Markfield park there is a clear demarcation between territories. All the shops south of the South Tottenham carry a magazine called “The Struggle” – a propaganda pamphlet for the Dev Sol organisation and Turkish/Kurdish Solidarity Association. All the shops north of this point do not, instead displaying images of Ataturk. there is a region of several hundred yards between the two zones where shops either display both, or have obvious evidence of broken windows or injured shop staff. breaking into the code of silence these two this communities seem to operate under is almost possible.

Contact with Det Inspector Peter Koylan reveals that any sustained moves made by the Shakespeares into Kurdish gang territory is going to be at the behest of the Babysin or Bombacillier clans – who have been engaged in a tit-for-tat war since 2003, almost certainly filtered through the ‘Green lane social club’. Sadly the good detective has learnt that one of the victims in the recent para-human/shooting incident was actually relative of his – a nephew on his wife’s side of the family. The incessant tribalism and ‘prestige through violence’ gang cultures have struck closer to home that the Knights of Albion could have imagined.

Heading straight for the heart of the Kurdish mafia at the Green Lane Social club, there is a brief moment of tension when the petty thugs and gangster notice the strangers in their midst – and also pick up on exactly how strange they are – and call for reinforcements from the Kurdish Workers Party (aka The National liberation front of Kurdistan AKA ERNK aka PKK). The men facing off against the party have the thousand yard stare of those used to violence; and they seem more than happy to face up to suspected para humans with confidence in their own ability to meet any threat. The stand off is diffused without violence, and the team turn their investigation towards the Shakespeare estate and the school attended by one of the victims.

Several days investigation make little headway, but they do at long last get a name – Musa Babysin.

It seems Musa, unusually large and muscular for a young man of his age, was quickly recruited into the gang life. As an ethnic Zaza-Kurd living on the Shakespeare estate was to join the “Soldiers of Shakespeare”. he has not bee seen on the Estate, nor at the school since the incident, and was a close friend of the local victims.

Whilst Catseye is running surveillance on the Shakespeare estate, and single handedly trying to tackle London’s drug problems, she spots a mysterious figure, who is also obviously monitoring the estate. a figure that can only be described as a ‘ninja’, clad in a deeply dark red shōzoku outfit.

Attempting to give chase proves futile, and the mysterious ninja figure vanishes without trace. the watch for Musa also seems futile, until a call comes in of machines going mad at a nearby building site!

Rushing to the scene our Heroes are hard pressed to cope with the awesome power that is being manifested. Earth movers, road rollers and even the conveyor belts on the site have come alive and are crawling, slithering and even flying all over the place!

The knights are the first on scene, and attempt to persuade the young man to stop playing with his Tonka toys and come along with them back to MI 13 where the can help him; but young Musa has had a life time of rebelling against authority figures and things quickly descend in to all out violence. The Blue Bolt manfully protects the watching crowds from the showers of debris generated as the rest of team, most notably Lady Britannia, tear the living construction equipment to shreds.

Meanwhile Musa attempts to make his escape.. and runs straight into the arms of the PKK enforcers we met earlier at the Green Lane Social club! This team of the Kurdish veterans are clearly armed, and the engineer warns our heroes that the short swords they carry are charged with energy and far more dangerous than may be suspected at first glance. Catseye notices once again that this confrontation is being watched by the red garbed ninja.

Desperate to avoid a full on para human confrontation with civilian crowds and an unknown interested third party clad in red and skulking along the roof tops – Casteye steps forward to tray negotiate the hand over of Musa.

The leader of the PKK enforces steps away from the main body of his men… and it soon transpires that he is the MI 5 double agent!

This spook is convinced that Musa is a valuable asset to the national security of the UK, and should be handed over to the PKK to be used in the front lines in the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria!

The Engineer in particular is incensed at the idea of using a 17 year old school boy as a living weapon to manipulate a foreign war! Tensions rise again as it becomes clear that both he and the rest of the Knights of Albion will not stand for such a perfidious dereliction of duty regarding the safety of a British citizen!

Whilst the rest of the team face off against the MI 5 operative and the PKK enforcers and try to play for time the Blue Bolt calls into the Shard and asks who has jurisdiction over Musa, MI 5 or MI 13. Upon hearing that MI 13 have at least a claim on the boy he forms a platform from kinetic energy and spirits him away to the Shard at high speed.

As the reason for the MI 5 spook and his PKK enforcers is no longer at the scene they back off and leave. With the police arriving to secure the scene and Musa in protective custody the Knights call the evening a win and return to the shard for debriefing.

that conluceds this volume – keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting adventure!

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