Knights of Albion

Issue 6 (Volume II)

A Death in the Family

Use the door next time…

After spending the morning recuperating, and talking to the police, the Knights finally have a few moments to think, and to consider their next moves.

After the virtual destruction of the White Dragons army of street toughs, the streets of China town seem much quieter and safer than usual. Sure there are new faces lurking at the edges, almost certainly the ‘Faces of Fear’ looking to expand into the power vacuum left behind. But, for now at least, the streets of China town seem safe once more. After a day or so of additional study for Catseye and the Serpentine Spectre, with the engineer doing… whatever it is he does in the lab of his, and Lady Britannia undergoing a series of interviews and assessments. The team get together on the Tuesday morning. It is time to stop reacting, and become the hunters instead of the hunted.

Returning to the murder scene where they found the dismembered Dragon Lord gang member a few days ago, Clara activates her tracking power. There are as usual several scents to possibly peruse. But one in particular stands out:- Metallic; with a strange lack directionality. Almost as if whatever, or whoever, the scent originated from had vanished in mid-air. The team are sure from the bisected corpse and appearing/vanishing nature of the trail, that they are tracking no one other than the Silver Samurai.

They begin to scour the city in the Flying Junkman (much to the disgust of the Engineer re-christened the ‘Watkindenburg’ by Serpentine). Combining the monstrously effective tracking powers of a komodo dragon with the Engineers energy detection skill, the Flying Junkman is the perfect vehicle for aerial reconnaissance of this sort.

It takes a few hours, hampered somewhat by the ‘There-again-gone-again’ nature of the scent trail, but the team close in on their prey.

vauxhalls_1_.jpg At Vauxhall Gardens the the trail stops, but the scent is still strong and fresh… they are close, very close. The team exit the Junkman, Lady Britannia declaring the nearby park, combined with a few building scheduled for demolition on their periphery, are about as unpopulated an area as they can hope to find in central London.

Before they have time to evacuate the nearby buildings and close in on their target, a piercing scream echoes across the park!

With the shattering sound of glass a figure is defenestrated from the 8th floor of the nearby tower block!

Like lightening the blue bolt is there and rescuing the falling figure. The Engineer (sporting his latest invention of flying umbrella that has the side benefit of also turning him invisible) and Catseye are both hiding at the edges of the window so recently used as an unwanted exit as they catch up to the much faster blue bolt.

Form inside a gruff, synthesised voice bellows out “I wont ask you again, where is the Celestial One? What have you done with him?” and with that a second figure is launched through the window!

The newest falling man is also caught by the Blue Bolt, his characteristically glowing kinetic energy constructs form a second giant blue hand to catch the falling figure. Unfortunately it also catches eye of the person doing the throwing, the Silver Samurai!

With a barley coherent snarl of rage the lustrously gleaming figure is out of the window and immediately fires himself with an ear-splitting sonic boom directly at Lady Britannia on the ground below. She neatly sidesteps his first wild swing of the battle and is able to land a mighty blow of her own as he rockets past her.

Meanwhile the blue bolt has lapsed into unconsciousness for some reason! Scrambling desperately Catseye and the Engineer manage to rescue the blue bolt and the two gang members he had been holding up. By the time the five of them are back on the ground, Blue Bolt seems to have recovered his senses, and with a curt frown he mutters to this comrades the samurai is too fast for him to keep up with.

High in the sky above London the Samurai is performing deceptively lazy looking loops, hardly visible but for the tell-tale shimmer of the sunlight on his mechanised suit. As he loops closer, but still well outside of the range any attacks the Knights can launch at him, he lunches a weirdly spinning disc, about the size of large coin, directly at Paul T Geist. Almost suicidally drawn to the prospect of being able to feel something once again, our spectral air-bender is shocked and alarmed to discover the the coin is not just heading towards him, but directly at him with a fair amount of speed. He valiantly dodges out of the way. Pausing to produce a dense cloud cover a hundred feet above the heads of the team (and so blocking the Samurais line of sight), the spinning coin catches up with him! It pierces his body and Mr Geist lets out a howl of pain that seems a recognition of not only the attack, but the intensity of the experience of being touched once more! Having reduced the flight ceiling of the enemy our phantasmal hero sinks into the ground to rid himself of the exquisite torment offered by the hovering silvered disc.

Forced into a lower flight path to continue his attacks, the samurai is once again within reach of the Blue Bolt. There are not many who can resist the awesome force of physics itself made manifest at the hands of our azure guardian, but it seems this Son of the East is one of them! Their relative strengths are well matched. Blue Bolts power manifesting itself as chains to drag down the flying fiend, yet the Silver samurai still able to move, and even fly a little, though at much reduced speed.

Wasting no time the party launch their attacks at the enemy. Once again lady Britannia strikes home with bruising force! Realising that the main threat to his battle plan is the Bolt, the samurai launches a devastating attack at him. Ever quick to protect others, especially his dearest of friends, the Engineer interposes his body between the tachyon enhanced blade and its intended target.

As if he had never gone to the bother of creating it in the first place, the Engineers hardened steam force field allows the blade to pass through unhindered, and the Engineer is cut down in his prime… now it is lady Britannia’s turn to issue an incoherent howl of rage. Her blistering assault would give pause to even the mightiest of beings, and the Samurai is knocked out cold at her feet in a matter of moments… but all too late to save the life of the Engineer. Stunned silence descends on our group, and they barely even register the arrival of Captain Britain himself, arrived moments too late to aid them in the fight against the mechanised Si Fan assassin.

Tears streaming down his face the Blue Bolt streaks across the skies of London.

“Stay here, I think Spitfire and Killpower may be in trouble… I will get our Bolt back on mission” and with that the leader of the UKs meta human response teams flies after the distraught blue bolt.

Who knows what was said in the brief conversation above? But within minutes the Blue Bolt is back and has steeled himself to continue the fight. Captain Britain lands amongst the team once more, and quickly relates the need to locate the two missing members of Excalibur, he fears the worst and hopes they are still living. There will be time to mourn our fallen after the battle is won.

Tune in next week to see who dies next!

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