Knights of Albion

Issue 5 (Volume II)

And All I Wanted Was A Spring Roll

Thursday Evening

With Catseye now updated with the latest “Service Pack” and rendered “User Friendly”, the Knights of Albion were ready to return to the fray in China Town.

At a showing of the old favourite “Enter the Dragon” (Serpentine’s Note: Distinct lack of dragons) in the Fortune Cinema, panic befell the good people on London! The Knights arrived just as a crowd of film lovers ran screaming from the cinema. Before they could react, a cab driver swerved and crashed into a jewellery store window and destroyed an innocent telegraph pole. The telegraph pole threatened to rip the neon sign of the cinema onto the unsuspecting crowds below.

The Engineer produced his weapon of choice, his Dandy Frost-thrower, and froze the sign solid before it could crush the popcorn-wielding public. The Serpentine Spectre dragged the taxi driver and passengers to safety. As the Engineer and Blue Bolt dashed inside to see what was causing the dramaturgic dilemma, Catseye tended to the crowds, giving them a heroic speech on the difference between righteous finders-keepers and devilish looting. The jewellery store kept its stash that day!

Inside, the villain made his entrance. The Constrictor lead the Dragon Lord punks into battle with thugs from the Faces of Fear. Before Blue Bolt, the Engineer, and the Serpentine Spectre could intervene, the Constrictor lashed out against the thugs rendering them unconscious with a series of electrifying lashes of his… tentacles?

While Serpentine called upon one of her powers, Blue Bolt and the Engineer combined team attacks to immobilise the multi-membered menace. It’s a battle of the Constrictor’s strength versus the power of kinetic energy and Science! The three are evenly matched, but with Blue Bolt and the Engineer combined, the Constrictor could not let loose an attack.

Finally the Serpentine Spectre, infused with the hypnotic power of the Cobra, forces the Constrictor into submission, his puny mind the only thing his armour cannot protect!

A resounding success for the Knights of Albion!


“Don’t worry, little snake buddies, I’m coming for ya!” Serpentine Spectre declared as the hunt for the Silver Samurai continued. She made some calls at the Imperial College and got in contact with an old friend and lecturer, Bhaltair Kincade. An expert in Meta-Criminology, he soon shared valuable information about the ominous “Celestial One”.

“That a nasty bastard you’re after there, missy!”

The Celestial One, more commonly known as Fu Manchu, was active between 1890s and 1970s, when he supposedly died. A criminal mastermind with not only delusions of grandeur but powers nonetheless, Fu Manchu founded the Si-Fan.

With the dreadful words of the Silver Samurai still with her, “These shall warm the dead heart of the Celestial One”, Serpentine Spectre feared the worst for her slithering compadres.

With further research from the team, the Knights discovered that Silver Samurai Senior died some years ago, and the Samurai they know and loathe currently is a successor.

Britannia also put her strategy to use and identified several construction sites scheduled for demolition. Should the Knights be forced into an encounter, they can retreat there to avoid bringing harm to the people of London.

The evening rolled around again and the Knights went back on patrol! Unfortunately Paul T. Geist and the Serpentine Spectre were pulled away from the streets to deliver their respective performances.

Catseye intervened in a drug deal, saving the life of a poor addict. The unfortunate soul told his a tale of woe. The “New Stuff” has hit the streets from the hands of the Dragon Lords, and it’s caused several deaths throughout the city.


The Engineer was up early, bright goggled and bushy tailed, on patrol in the Watkindenburg (aka The Flying Junkman ). With heroic vigilance, he spotted evidence of the elusive Watkins particles! (Tachyon particles to those less chronologically impaired)

They quickly disperse, but they are not forgotten! The Engineer approached, calling in and cutting short the lie-ins of his fellow Knights.

Inside, they find only the jigsaw of a dismembered Dragon Lord, identified only by his jacket and luminescent hair. The Serpentine Spectre used the enhanced sense of smell of a Komodo dragon to sniff out clues. There was only one scent of note. A metal odour that was fresh but more mysteriously did not leave the room. It can only be described as “dissipated”. Blue Bolt put his forensic skills to the test and found a suspicious rock. A rock so insidious he picked it up!

Underneath was a stash of money and synthetic cocaine. The “New Stuff” one would presume. Strange, as cocaine is usually smoked or snorted, but this latest drug has been injected.

Evening rolled around yet again, relentless as it may be. The Dragon Lords were also out on the prowl as trouble kicked off at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. The Knights barely arrived in time when a Dragon Lord punk lunged at the owner with a knife. The Engineer intervened and valiantly deflected the knife by sinking it into his gut. Never fear! For flesh wounds never stop an Engineer! Only loss of blood!

But alas! It was a tricksy distraction! Two vans of Dragon Lords surrounded the Knights. But you’ll have to be quicker than that to catch the Knights of Albion with their pants outside their trousers! The Serpentine Spectre, thinking thousands of steps ahead, used Sonic Snap to destroy a paving slab before it could trip an old lady in several months time.

Not to be outdone by Serpentine’s heroics, Lady Britannia stepped forth and unleashed a devastating shockwave that destroyed not only the vans and the building behind it, but the bones of many Dragon Lords. Five lay bleeding to death and many more unconscious.

The team had to act fast to prevent the loss of lives that day, and fast they did. Blue Bolt and Serpentine deal with the Punks harassing the Buffet Owner, while Catseye, Britannia, and the Engineer stepped in to administer first aid and stabilise the thugs.

Before Catseye to could even open a vein, the Engineer had used his powers of infinite deduction to suture, stitch, and seal the wounds of the men.

Lady Britannia, forlorn, could only look on with regret for her actions. “This new power does not seem within my control.”

But the Knights cannot rest yet! The Beetle apparently attacks! But is incapacitated by the Blue Bolt at the exact same time Serpentine fail an intuition roll.

No lives are lost, but it was not the victory the Knights had been hoping for. Clearly, this had been a Maggia trap to lure the Knights into the open.

Who knows what’s in store for the Knights in the next book.



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