Knights of Albion

Issue 0 (Volume II)

Recaps and Revelations

Our issue opens in a briefing room in the Shard, where a visiting Interpol agent named DuPris is giving a presentation about The Hand. This organisation, he explains, have a long history of Criminal enterprises dating back to Feudal Japan, either as muscle for hire to other organised crime or to further their own mysterious ends. They are master infiltrators, and will replace key personnel of organisations they are interested in with ringers, detectable only by blood tests or DNA matching. As they have recently encountered a ninja from The Hand*, it is likely that they have embedded agents within MI13, maybe even within the Knights of Albion themselves!

The panel jumps to the Knights of Albion, arrayed watching the presentation. A year has passed since we last saw them, with a few changes to the roster. As the door clicks shut from DuPris leaving, the Engineer is the first to react. He suggests that each of the Knights demonstrates their unique powers, which no ninja could hope to duplicate, to prove their selves, then throws a small firework flawlessly formed from the refreshments on the table in front of him.
The Serpentine Spectre activates the Camouflage of the Chameleon, and fades into her chair
The Blue Bolt lifts a table with the touch of a finger.
Not to be outdone, Lady Britannia flips a table with her pinky finger, forcing the Blue Bolt to catch it before it breaks a window.
Paul T. Geist reaches into his hat and pulls out a small rabbit, which runs along the table.
Catseye pricks the palm of the Engineer with her claw, then dabs a drop of her saliva into the wound, which closes instantly.

As the team finish confirming their identities, a news report is directed to their phones of multicoloured ninjas battling in Chinatown, and our Heroes spring into action…

*See Issue 8 of Volume 1 – ed.


nice job, I like the comic book style – dont forget to keep an eye out for the front cover image in the next few session :)

also i guess we need to reach an agreement on who does the write ups each week? im assuming you wont be doing them every week :)

Issue 0 (Volume II)
stealthH Hairyscairyman

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