The Mind of a Genius

Typically, the engineer’s mind works rather faster than most humans. This is offset by the fact that at any given time, Jeremiah is usually doodling inventions in his mind, trying to remember that song he heard once, thinking about his next meal, and trying to work out a way of harnessing temporal Watkins particles in some type of sword, to say just a few.

His mind working on so many things is usually how he stays on the same level as most folks and it serves him well. However! In the event of recent events, Jeremiah’s brain was required to focus on one thing and one thing only, which lead to the curious effect that time, or at least, his perception of time slowed to that where he could count the beating wings of a humming bird.

when in this state the Engineer is effectively acting with Hyper-Speed at Remarkable (? TBC) intensity and he has three actions per round. This power is a power stunt at the moment and only lasts one combat round. Once mastered he can only maintain this state for a number of combat rounds equal to his endurance. Theoretically Jeremiah should also be able to run at extremely high speeds with this power if only his body could somehow withstand the forces generated by running at several thousand miles per hour. As things stand at the moment he would take power rank damage every turn he tried to run at his maximum speed.

What follows is a brief transcript of the thought process going on in his head, over the five seconds it took for him to get to to the wounded and treat them.

What was that bang it sounded like..Oh..Explosive concussive force generated by lady britania striking her hands together with a force approximately that of 45,000 Newtons, causing a shock-wave which appears to have destroyed two auto-mobiles, three shop windows, a substantial part of the nearby buildings and…Oh, one of those nice red telephone boxes.

Further assessment seems to have indicated she has also mortally wounded a crowd of ruffians who were, originally intent on doing us harm, and are now intent on not dying. Further observation would include that these cuts are rather hurting a – Ah. Good. Catseye has arrived…though seems to be going exceptionally slow- Ah, no, she’s not, all my perception, well isn’t that handy. Well, she can handle these two prats. I should probably see if I can do anything to stop Britania being a mass murderer rather than a nuisance.

Right, so, seventeen people between me and the bodies, however if I hypothesis that normal human behaviour on such a sound would mean that they start to run, which they do, and factor in a basic Brownian motion sort of thing…which they seem to be, then I should be able to slip between them as if I was crossing a road. I must say, trying to concentrate on one thing at a time really does seem quite effective. I must try it again. Right then lets take a look at them.

Hmm, Yes, Fine, alright, should be ..scar but it’ll heal and…ah. Alright, three of you then. Well, If I kneel down here I should be able to..

If I take the torn shirt from this chap where the shard of glass embedded into his chest, then I can tear that away and use it to tie a tourniquet around this poor fellow’s thigh, stopping him from bleeding out, and this chap with the torn thigh he appears to have one of those tatty bandana things which would be just perfect for handling his friends bleeding throat, nasty business that, hear it can be very fatal, though not for you. And now, with those two dealt with it’s a simple business to remove the shard like this, put pressure on the wound like this, Oh, sorry, yes I rather imagine that will hurt in a moment, then tie it off with a tearing off my shirt like this…And then…

Actually, I wonder if I could make a material that looks like silk or cotton but would stop bullets and knifes’, You know I knew a lovely knife fighter once, what was her name, we danced and ate, oh yes the recipe for twice fried shrimp.

The Mind of a Genius

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