Slams, Stuns and Kills

Big Hits!

In the Marvel system there are three particularity common types of ‘big hit’ that occurs during combat.

House Rules

These rules have been customised by the GM quite a distance away from those written. Here are our house rules.

In force based combat (which may be a slug-fest, or a kinetic force attack or something approximating being hit with a piano) the two most common are ‘Slam’ and ‘Stun’

In a standard fight if you inflict damage equal to or greater than your opponent Endurance stat, and you have successfully rolled a a special effect like ‘stun’ then the the following rules apply.

Note that if the target has some sort of protection from physical attacks, but you manage to defeat it by even a single point; so long as your original strength of attack was => than the targets Endurance these rules still apply


If your attack was a yellow roll, the target must make an endurance roll. If they fail that roll they are ‘slammed’. The aggressor may choose one or a combination of the following effects

  • Smack-Down the target is smashed downwards onto a very solid surface. this effectively means the target takes the same amount of damage again (ignoring armour modifiers). you can think of it as a combined attack with the ground, as typified by the ‘pile driver’ maneuver
  • Knock-Back the target is propelled along more or less parallel to the ground. They will travel 10 feet for every 10 points of damage they were originally hit with. if they intersect with another person or object they will transfer a portion of their damage induced momentum to the thing they are interacting with. So for example – the Evil Mr Punchbag is hit for 63 points of damage. if the fight took place on a football field, he would fly backwards about 60 feet and eventuality come to a stop in a single round. If the fight were taking place in a call centre the GM may rule that every 10 feet or so he impacts a light weight partition wall of Typical material strength.

The effect would be something like this: fly 10’, take 6 points damage as you pass through a wall (16 points of the attack momentum used up), fly 10’ and take 6 points damage as you pass through a wall (32 points of the attack momentum used up), fly 10’ and take 6 points damage as you pass through a wall (48 points of the attack momentum used up), fly ten feet and take 5 point of damage from the final wall (which by the way only has 1 point of material strength now) (all 63 points of damage/momentum have been used up).

  • Home-Run The target is knocked up and high! they will fly vertically upwards 10 feet for every 20 points of damage (or part thereof) inflicted… effectively the target loses all actions for the next ‘whole’ combat round (i.e. you lose your next action). Technically you lose a round of action per 100 points of damage inflicted this way, but if you get hit for 300 points of damage, losing your next three combat rounds of actions of is the least of your worries…


Stuns are easier. if you get a stun result (bearing in mind the endurance rule that applies to force based attacks) you must make an endurance roll. if you make a green roll you are stunned for 1 round. if you fail the roll you are stunned for 1d10 rounds

Martial Arts ‘A’

using martial arts A you can slam and stun any opponent, regardless of their endurance stat. Any armour worn still protect against the total damage inflicted.

Energy and edged attacks

Blade weapons, claws, shards of broken mirrors, fireballs and lazer beams projected from the eyes all operate with the possibility of getting either a stun (yellow roll on edged attacks) or a kill (red rolls) result.

Stuns are the same as the stun result described already for force attacks


energy kills If you are hit for a kill result with an energy attack, make an endurance roll. yellow or red result and your fine

  • Green – you are stunned for 1d10 rounds, and have lost 1 rank (-1CS) of a FASE-RIP state permanently (unless you have access to regeneration or advanced healing of some sort). You may well have lost an arm or an eye or something.
  • White (fail) – you’re KOed, and dying if you dont stop bleeding/burning/dissolving in acid or whatever is happening to you. Every combat round you lose -1CS to a FASE-RIP stat unless you succeed in an endurance roll, or are first aided.

edged attacks and shooting attacks

on a green roll they are the same as an energy attack

on a white roll they are slightly different in that you can not decide which FASE-RIP stat to lose; bullets and blades always cost -1CS of endurance per round you fail to resist a kill result (endurance roll each round or first aid to stabilize). if your edurance falls below shift zero, you die.

Zero health and Less

If a hero is on zero health, or minus health points not exceeding their endurance stat, they are unconscious

every time they go to a (negative) multiple of their endurance stat they must roll endurance as if they had been shot or stabbed. If they fail that roll they are dying as per the kill result for blades and bullets

if a character exceeds their total health score as a negative number, they are dead. there is no chance of recovery ever under any circumstances…. unless you have serial immortality, reincarnation or access to very advanced medical equipment of course!


Mr Punchbag gets punched for 63 point s of damage, taking him into negative health.

lets say he has Typical (6) endurance at -5 health, hes ok, just knocked out

at -6 to -11 he has to make a single endurance roll to stabilise, or he is dying and loses a rank off a FASERIP stat (if he had been shot or stabbed, he would be forced to lose the -1CS from his Endurance stat)

at -12 to -17 he has to make another endurance roll to stabilise or he is dying (just as if he had been shot)

and so on and so on for each multiple of his endurance stat. lets suppose Mr Punchbag has 30 hit points total. 63 damage take all the way from full health (30) to -33 in a single blow. He is dead. So sad, lose all your karma for killing him please.

Slams, Stuns and Kills

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