Si Fan


Next to nothing is know about this group, they have appeared almost ‘over night’ as a fully functioning criminal organisation with no publicly available record as to their previous activities.

These dark green shōzoku wearing ninjas have a formidable degree of discipline and training, and have already proven they can fight in highly effective teams. Were it not for the heroic intervention of Catseye, the Serpentine Spectre would undoubtedly have lost her life in their first encounter with them at the London Container port.

investigations by the the MI13 Team have unearthed decades old records that indicate that the Si Fan used to be a fierce adversary of the british government in the first half of the 20th Century; when it was under the leadership of Fu Manchu.

It was his death in the 1980’s that, it was assumed, put the final nail in the coffin of the Si Fan organisation. no one was at first sure what had resurrected them to menace the streets of London once more… but it seems they were plotting to bring their master back from the dead!

But this plot was largely foiled by the Knights of Albion and a mysterious figure known to the group only by the initials SC who claims that Fu Man Chu was actually his father! The note that SC left contained a dire warning however – the remnants of Si Fan, led by the duplicitous Li Min, will never rest until they have returned their fearsome lord to the world of the living once more.

Si Fan

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