Feat Rolls

The FEAT roll

The Feat roll is the core mechanic of the Marvel Super Heroes rule set.

Take a look at the Maps section to see the universal table in all it glory and then come back to this page.

OK the success or failure of a skill, power or ability is determined by rolling d100 and achieving a certain colour on the universal table. Usually (but not always) white is a fail, green is a partial success, Yellow is a normal success, and Red is a critical success.

if we consider strength as an example the rules work as follows (the same logic applies to other powers and abilities as well, but strength is the easiest example to explain the system with).

First compare your strength to the ‘Benchmarks’: Also in the maps section

A person with excellent strength has a maximum dead lift lift of 800 lbs (about 360kg), depending on what colour roll they make on the universal table

Colour of roll determines success or failure

white roll = failure – get you breath, maybe wait an hour for the pain to subside, and then try again later

Green roll = partial success – you can dead lift 1 column shift less (-1CS) or 400lb (180kg)

Yellow roll = success – you did it! 360 kg lifted, well done!

Red roll = supreme effort! not only did you do it, but in all probability you could dead lift 1 Ton (about 900kg) today! FYI the world record dead lift is about 600kg in real life, but this is Marvel and super human effort is the norm!

As you can see by looking at the benchmarks map, a red roll means you can effectively act as though you had a one column shift increase (+1CS) for that action.

Thats the feat roll. You will note that it is impossible to achieve a success against a target which is 2 column shifts higher (+2CS) than your governing statistic

Additional rules regarding feats

here are a few more rules about feat rolls

Automatic success

if you are attempting to do something that has a difficulty that is 3 column shifts less than your standard ability rating you can achieve it automaitcly without a roll.

e.g. 1 Easy dead lift

someone with Excellent strength can realistically dead lift 800lb (360 kg). if that same person attempted to dead lift 100lbs (45 kg or ‘Poor strength’ level effect) they could do so without really trying, and no dice roll would be required.

e.g. 2 Stealth

As an alternate example, to pick something completely at random, someone with Amazing Stealth abilities could take an automatic success to sneak past anyone with an intuition score Excellent or less… no Ninjas here, move along folks nothing to see…

Directly mirrored feat competitions

Some times things can be directly opposed; but it doesn’t happen very often. Arm wrestling is one example where these rules could apply, and the endurance rolls in a marathon would be another example. These direct mirror rules are intended to accelerate the dice rolling and resolution of opposed actions.

If two people are arm wrestling, and they both have the same strength, roll as normal. however if there is a difference in their relative strengths, then each person has a column shift to apply for the purpose of determining what colour roll they achieve (actual strength of the ability is not impacted).


Good strength Vs Excellent strength in an arm wrestling competition – the lower strength person gets -1CS (rolling on the ‘Typical’ column) and the Excellent strength person get +1CS (so rolling in the ‘Remarkable’ column)

the best colour result then wins.

If you are in an opposed contest like this, and your negative column shifts take you past shift zero, you have no chance of winning; ever, under any circumstances.

note that this opposed feat rule does NOT apply to ‘Stealth’ Vs Intuition, or ‘Fire’ Vs ‘Water’. They are not the same ability and so can not be in direct opposition in a way that makes use of this ‘mirroring’ rule.

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