Berserk power rank provides “Iron will” at rank – iron will acts as a armour for all damage types, but the damage is stored up and then applied as normal after the iron will power is switched off. Note that Iron will protects from mental manipulation at rank and so can be used instead of psyche or reason to avoid being controlled by others. Berserks ignore the ‘automatic failure’ rule when facing mental manipulation – so even someone with a ‘Class 1,000 mental control (others)’ would need to succeed in an opposed roll every round to control the berserker.

Psyche and Reason both drop to ‘Feeble (1)’ and the points that have been temporarily lost are (temporarily) assigned equally to Fighting and Strength.

When the berserk state ends (after 10 combat rounds) FASERIP stats return to normal, and the total health damage taken is retained – try not to die…

in her enraged state the Beserker must attack the nearest thing to her that catches her attention. however you do retain a modicum of control based on her Feeble reason stat.

I will assume you are all out attacking the nearest person to you each round of combat you are berserk; unless you succeed in reason roll.

Green – you can grapple rather than rend the nearest person to you (with a full panel close up of your snarling face dripping saliva as you eyeball your next victim)

Yellow – you can choose to attack someone or something that is not directly next to you, if you can justify some sort of threat assessment so that it makes sense for the Berserker to attack it/them (breaking furniture/doors and throwing things at people counts as a justified if the item in question is immediately to hand)

Red – you have partial control, well done you! (only nine more combat rounds to go…) This is the classic "I…. I cant… loosing control….. get away…. get away form me… For Gods sake GET AWAY FROM MEEEROOOAARRRR!!!!! " situation. you can warn people off and not attack. You take a movement action and/or have a free choice of who you attack that round.

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