Knights of Albion

Issue 6 (Volume II)
A Death in the Family

Use the door next time…

After spending the morning recuperating, and talking to the police, the Knights finally have a few moments to think, and to consider their next moves.

After the virtual destruction of the White Dragons army of street toughs, the streets of China town seem much quieter and safer than usual. Sure there are new faces lurking at the edges, almost certainly the ‘Faces of Fear’ looking to expand into the power vacuum left behind. But, for now at least, the streets of China town seem safe once more. After a day or so of additional study for Catseye and the Serpentine Spectre, with the engineer doing… whatever it is he does in the lab of his, and Lady Britannia undergoing a series of interviews and assessments. The team get together on the Tuesday morning. It is time to stop reacting, and become the hunters instead of the hunted.

Returning to the murder scene where they found the dismembered Dragon Lord gang member a few days ago, Clara activates her tracking power. There are as usual several scents to possibly peruse. But one in particular stands out:- Metallic; with a strange lack directionality. Almost as if whatever, or whoever, the scent originated from had vanished in mid-air. The team are sure from the bisected corpse and appearing/vanishing nature of the trail, that they are tracking no one other than the Silver Samurai.

They begin to scour the city in the Flying Junkman (much to the disgust of the Engineer re-christened the ‘Watkindenburg’ by Serpentine). Combining the monstrously effective tracking powers of a komodo dragon with the Engineers energy detection skill, the Flying Junkman is the perfect vehicle for aerial reconnaissance of this sort.

It takes a few hours, hampered somewhat by the ‘There-again-gone-again’ nature of the scent trail, but the team close in on their prey.

vauxhalls_1_.jpg At Vauxhall Gardens the the trail stops, but the scent is still strong and fresh… they are close, very close. The team exit the Junkman, Lady Britannia declaring the nearby park, combined with a few building scheduled for demolition on their periphery, are about as unpopulated an area as they can hope to find in central London.

Before they have time to evacuate the nearby buildings and close in on their target, a piercing scream echoes across the park!

With the shattering sound of glass a figure is defenestrated from the 8th floor of the nearby tower block!

Like lightening the blue bolt is there and rescuing the falling figure. The Engineer (sporting his latest invention of flying umbrella that has the side benefit of also turning him invisible) and Catseye are both hiding at the edges of the window so recently used as an unwanted exit as they catch up to the much faster blue bolt.

Form inside a gruff, synthesised voice bellows out “I wont ask you again, where is the Celestial One? What have you done with him?” and with that a second figure is launched through the window!

The newest falling man is also caught by the Blue Bolt, his characteristically glowing kinetic energy constructs form a second giant blue hand to catch the falling figure. Unfortunately it also catches eye of the person doing the throwing, the Silver Samurai!

With a barley coherent snarl of rage the lustrously gleaming figure is out of the window and immediately fires himself with an ear-splitting sonic boom directly at Lady Britannia on the ground below. She neatly sidesteps his first wild swing of the battle and is able to land a mighty blow of her own as he rockets past her.

Meanwhile the blue bolt has lapsed into unconsciousness for some reason! Scrambling desperately Catseye and the Engineer manage to rescue the blue bolt and the two gang members he had been holding up. By the time the five of them are back on the ground, Blue Bolt seems to have recovered his senses, and with a curt frown he mutters to this comrades the samurai is too fast for him to keep up with.

High in the sky above London the Samurai is performing deceptively lazy looking loops, hardly visible but for the tell-tale shimmer of the sunlight on his mechanised suit. As he loops closer, but still well outside of the range any attacks the Knights can launch at him, he lunches a weirdly spinning disc, about the size of large coin, directly at Paul T Geist. Almost suicidally drawn to the prospect of being able to feel something once again, our spectral air-bender is shocked and alarmed to discover the the coin is not just heading towards him, but directly at him with a fair amount of speed. He valiantly dodges out of the way. Pausing to produce a dense cloud cover a hundred feet above the heads of the team (and so blocking the Samurais line of sight), the spinning coin catches up with him! It pierces his body and Mr Geist lets out a howl of pain that seems a recognition of not only the attack, but the intensity of the experience of being touched once more! Having reduced the flight ceiling of the enemy our phantasmal hero sinks into the ground to rid himself of the exquisite torment offered by the hovering silvered disc.

Forced into a lower flight path to continue his attacks, the samurai is once again within reach of the Blue Bolt. There are not many who can resist the awesome force of physics itself made manifest at the hands of our azure guardian, but it seems this Son of the East is one of them! Their relative strengths are well matched. Blue Bolts power manifesting itself as chains to drag down the flying fiend, yet the Silver samurai still able to move, and even fly a little, though at much reduced speed.

Wasting no time the party launch their attacks at the enemy. Once again lady Britannia strikes home with bruising force! Realising that the main threat to his battle plan is the Bolt, the samurai launches a devastating attack at him. Ever quick to protect others, especially his dearest of friends, the Engineer interposes his body between the tachyon enhanced blade and its intended target.

As if he had never gone to the bother of creating it in the first place, the Engineers hardened steam force field allows the blade to pass through unhindered, and the Engineer is cut down in his prime… now it is lady Britannia’s turn to issue an incoherent howl of rage. Her blistering assault would give pause to even the mightiest of beings, and the Samurai is knocked out cold at her feet in a matter of moments… but all too late to save the life of the Engineer. Stunned silence descends on our group, and they barely even register the arrival of Captain Britain himself, arrived moments too late to aid them in the fight against the mechanised Si Fan assassin.

Tears streaming down his face the Blue Bolt streaks across the skies of London.

“Stay here, I think Spitfire and Killpower may be in trouble… I will get our Bolt back on mission” and with that the leader of the UKs meta human response teams flies after the distraught blue bolt.

Who knows what was said in the brief conversation above? But within minutes the Blue Bolt is back and has steeled himself to continue the fight. Captain Britain lands amongst the team once more, and quickly relates the need to locate the two missing members of Excalibur, he fears the worst and hopes they are still living. There will be time to mourn our fallen after the battle is won.

Tune in next week to see who dies next!

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Issue 5 (Volume II)
And All I Wanted Was A Spring Roll
Thursday Evening

With Catseye now updated with the latest “Service Pack” and rendered “User Friendly”, the Knights of Albion were ready to return to the fray in China Town.

At a showing of the old favourite “Enter the Dragon” (Serpentine’s Note: Distinct lack of dragons) in the Fortune Cinema, panic befell the good people on London! The Knights arrived just as a crowd of film lovers ran screaming from the cinema. Before they could react, a cab driver swerved and crashed into a jewellery store window and destroyed an innocent telegraph pole. The telegraph pole threatened to rip the neon sign of the cinema onto the unsuspecting crowds below.

The Engineer produced his weapon of choice, his Dandy Frost-thrower, and froze the sign solid before it could crush the popcorn-wielding public. The Serpentine Spectre dragged the taxi driver and passengers to safety. As the Engineer and Blue Bolt dashed inside to see what was causing the dramaturgic dilemma, Catseye tended to the crowds, giving them a heroic speech on the difference between righteous finders-keepers and devilish looting. The jewellery store kept its stash that day!

Inside, the villain made his entrance. The Constrictor lead the Dragon Lord punks into battle with thugs from the Faces of Fear. Before Blue Bolt, the Engineer, and the Serpentine Spectre could intervene, the Constrictor lashed out against the thugs rendering them unconscious with a series of electrifying lashes of his… tentacles?

While Serpentine called upon one of her powers, Blue Bolt and the Engineer combined team attacks to immobilise the multi-membered menace. It’s a battle of the Constrictor’s strength versus the power of kinetic energy and Science! The three are evenly matched, but with Blue Bolt and the Engineer combined, the Constrictor could not let loose an attack.

Finally the Serpentine Spectre, infused with the hypnotic power of the Cobra, forces the Constrictor into submission, his puny mind the only thing his armour cannot protect!

A resounding success for the Knights of Albion!


“Don’t worry, little snake buddies, I’m coming for ya!” Serpentine Spectre declared as the hunt for the Silver Samurai continued. She made some calls at the Imperial College and got in contact with an old friend and lecturer, Bhaltair Kincade. An expert in Meta-Criminology, he soon shared valuable information about the ominous “Celestial One”.

“That a nasty bastard you’re after there, missy!”

The Celestial One, more commonly known as Fu Manchu, was active between 1890s and 1970s, when he supposedly died. A criminal mastermind with not only delusions of grandeur but powers nonetheless, Fu Manchu founded the Si-Fan.

With the dreadful words of the Silver Samurai still with her, “These shall warm the dead heart of the Celestial One”, Serpentine Spectre feared the worst for her slithering compadres.

With further research from the team, the Knights discovered that Silver Samurai Senior died some years ago, and the Samurai they know and loathe currently is a successor.

Britannia also put her strategy to use and identified several construction sites scheduled for demolition. Should the Knights be forced into an encounter, they can retreat there to avoid bringing harm to the people of London.

The evening rolled around again and the Knights went back on patrol! Unfortunately Paul T. Geist and the Serpentine Spectre were pulled away from the streets to deliver their respective performances.

Catseye intervened in a drug deal, saving the life of a poor addict. The unfortunate soul told his a tale of woe. The “New Stuff” has hit the streets from the hands of the Dragon Lords, and it’s caused several deaths throughout the city.


The Engineer was up early, bright goggled and bushy tailed, on patrol in the Watkindenburg (aka The Flying Junkman ). With heroic vigilance, he spotted evidence of the elusive Watkins particles! (Tachyon particles to those less chronologically impaired)

They quickly disperse, but they are not forgotten! The Engineer approached, calling in and cutting short the lie-ins of his fellow Knights.

Inside, they find only the jigsaw of a dismembered Dragon Lord, identified only by his jacket and luminescent hair. The Serpentine Spectre used the enhanced sense of smell of a Komodo dragon to sniff out clues. There was only one scent of note. A metal odour that was fresh but more mysteriously did not leave the room. It can only be described as “dissipated”. Blue Bolt put his forensic skills to the test and found a suspicious rock. A rock so insidious he picked it up!

Underneath was a stash of money and synthetic cocaine. The “New Stuff” one would presume. Strange, as cocaine is usually smoked or snorted, but this latest drug has been injected.

Evening rolled around yet again, relentless as it may be. The Dragon Lords were also out on the prowl as trouble kicked off at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. The Knights barely arrived in time when a Dragon Lord punk lunged at the owner with a knife. The Engineer intervened and valiantly deflected the knife by sinking it into his gut. Never fear! For flesh wounds never stop an Engineer! Only loss of blood!

But alas! It was a tricksy distraction! Two vans of Dragon Lords surrounded the Knights. But you’ll have to be quicker than that to catch the Knights of Albion with their pants outside their trousers! The Serpentine Spectre, thinking thousands of steps ahead, used Sonic Snap to destroy a paving slab before it could trip an old lady in several months time.

Not to be outdone by Serpentine’s heroics, Lady Britannia stepped forth and unleashed a devastating shockwave that destroyed not only the vans and the building behind it, but the bones of many Dragon Lords. Five lay bleeding to death and many more unconscious.

The team had to act fast to prevent the loss of lives that day, and fast they did. Blue Bolt and Serpentine deal with the Punks harassing the Buffet Owner, while Catseye, Britannia, and the Engineer stepped in to administer first aid and stabilise the thugs.

Before Catseye to could even open a vein, the Engineer had used his powers of infinite deduction to suture, stitch, and seal the wounds of the men.

Lady Britannia, forlorn, could only look on with regret for her actions. “This new power does not seem within my control.”

But the Knights cannot rest yet! The Beetle apparently attacks! But is incapacitated by the Blue Bolt at the exact same time Serpentine fail an intuition roll.

No lives are lost, but it was not the victory the Knights had been hoping for. Clearly, this had been a Maggia trap to lure the Knights into the open.

Who knows what’s in store for the Knights in the next book.


Issue 4 (Volume II) - extended volume
Haunted by the past

What could possibly go wrong?

With the door to the bunker responding to one of their own, the Knights of Albion venture inside, placing a call to the Shard to warn them that something might be about to happen. Little did they know how right they were, or how troublesome it would be.

pantha_redeux_by_monkitty.jpgWith a grind of disused machinery the door opened at Catseye’s touch, a strange blue-green glow of energy permeating it. With the team all safely inside and without instruction the door irised closed, and despite the pounding of Lady Britannia’s Asgardian fist, it remained sealed. As they searched for a way to escape this sudden but not unexpected trap, a voice came scratchily over some kind of internal speaker.

“Good afternoon. Can I confirm please that you are the Knights of Albion? I’ll need a security code as well, if I could trouble you.” As mystified as his comrades it was Jeremiah who responded first, confirming their presence and offering the most basic security code he knew. A few tense seconds pause and the voice returned. “Very good. I’m Agent Brown, and honestly I don’t quite know how you managed to even get into this place. It’s supposed to be abandoned and sealed.” Catseye offered up her own involvement and excited the voice confirmed “Catseye? Oh this is very helpful indeed!” A verbal code played out through the speaker, and in a daze, Catseye suddenly responded in kind… much to the confusion and alarm of her team-mates. More codes followed, and in a burst of unexplainable growth the petite cat-woman bulged with muscles, and a new, dangerously feral light shone in her eyes.

The other Knights had only a moment to absorb the sight, as they were on the spot plunged into darkness. A darkness broken by the low, rolling growl of the monstrous looking predator in their midst.

Quick thinking, the Engineer donned his trusty energy goggles and discovered a clear view of the now hulking Catseye, with the same blue-green energy pooling and dripping from her. He had no real chance to offer a warning before the feral creature tore into the wall, ripping the speaker unit free with a snarl; Catseye was apparently aware that ‘someone’ in that place had done this to her, and the experience was clearly not appreciated. Unsatisfied with this vandalism, she bolted for the inner door, night vision having no problems, apparently, with the darkness still engulfing the group. maxresdefault.jpg

The door, much as the first had, responded to our enraged and transformed heroes presence, and easily opened to admit her, snapping shut on the cat-creatures heels before the wash of light could lure the rest of the Knights into the room beyond. Untroubled by doors, walls or potential traps, Paul T. Geist set off in hot pursuit, only to discover that his own modest ‘foot speed’ was not enough to keep up with the mad-cat dash of Catseye’s new form. He trailed on across a room strobing red with security lights and into corridors beyond, halting before he became horribly lost in what looked to be a maze of twists and turns.

In the entry-way and somewhat hampered by the darkness, the Engineer battled the door controls to free the rest of them to take up pursuit. Disgruntled by the lack of action, Britannia suggested “Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to open the outside door and just leave here in here? She’s gone kind of crazy.” Neither the Engineer nor Serpentine Spectre offered more than a cold stare, lost in the dark, as they continued to struggle with the unusual format of the security concealed behind the door panel.

By the time the door was irising open once more, the bleat of intruder alarms was growing tiresome. The room beyond was an open affair, with a desk and a door beyond… and computer controlled turrets swinging to bear on the doorway. The heroes wasted no time; moving immediately to engage the rapidly tracking turrets as Watkins barrelled toward the far door. Wise to the trick of opening it now, he was hard at work in seconds as Britannia and the Serpentine Spectre made short work of the laser defences.

The alarm shut off at last, and the engineer completed his work on the door beyond when the team’s communicators stuttered to life, popping and hissing. “Knights of Albion? Knights of Albion, come in please! This is Agent Day at the Shard! Please report!” The worried voice was not familiar, and after their interaction with ‘Agent Brown’ the team was not in a trusting mood. Calling on Day to confirm his identity by code, they relaxed only when it proved to be one they knew.

Day explained he had been handed the urgent task of contacting them when previously inert security systems reported an intrusion at the very base they were investigating; a base dismantled and closed off in the days of Black Air! A slow and laborious code entry allowed him remote access to the centre and its security, to speed the groups search for their missing friend.

Meanwhile, his prisoner in hand, Blue Bolt was contacted by the Shard himself, alerted to the sudden break in radio communications by his team. The security guard was quickly turned over as he moved out at top speed, arriving at the old facility minutes after departing the site… held for precious seconds at the sealed outer door before it was released long enough for him to rejoin the others.

Agent Day had spent the time trawling through archived plans and had the map of the facility to hand. With a direction from Watkin’s goggles, and the dire warning that there were energy signatures showing the base restoring its own functions, the team moved out post haste. Winding corridors passed in a blur with the distant agent clearing their path of sealed doors, until they chanced across one which had not opened with the general command. Like several rooms before it, the door was labelled; the Armoury.

Cautious in case of more security, the Knights decided to investigate and discovered (after more tinkering with the door) that the room beyond had not been cleared as the records claimed. Rack upon rack of weapons stood beyond, of a design familiar only vaguely even to the engineer. They were of a style with others he had disassembled for MI13 in the lab, and the report of this brought alarm into Day’s voice. Agreeing between them to leave the room closed and seal it against other intruders, they moved on. With the door locked behind them, they waited for Day’s next instruction… but nothing came.

Calling with growing alarm for a response, it was with a shock that the next voice to answer was the panicking Barry; the man always on the spot in the Shards phone exchange. With relief, he explained that the Shard had been trying to contact them since their radio’s went dark… when the doors had first closed on them! In hurried conference they confirmed there was an agent Day employed by the agency… but she was out on holiday. Barry confirmed that an old security alert at their location had been sounded, and that it looked like someone had been feeding commands through old Black Air filters to control it.

To add to the team’s concerns, Barry added that there must be a second group in the facility with them; the Engineers energy detecting lenses confirmed it, and they were engaging with the feral Catseye! Urged on by the renewed and recognisable contact and hurled through the corridors at breakneck pace in a Blue Bolt brand toboggan, they crashed onto the scene to discover mysterious suited men and robots tangling with their comrade. The men carried rifles of an immediately familiar design, the closed off armory having been full of them. dfe14d08228ce5f43039617fd15d0f06.jpg Catseye, still a hulking and rage-filled creature, was struggling to break free of some kind of magical binding, while simultaneously attempting to tear free the throat of one of the battle-robots that awakened with the rest of the base.

In the swirling melee that followed, the weapons of these mysterious men proved to be energy rifles, powered by the pervasive blue-green force the Engineer had seen all through the base. The men were easily enough subdued by the team, only the robot causing any real problems for their well drilled coordination. Recognising their imminent defeat, one of the mystery men in black called for a retreat, abandoning their ‘prize’ for now.

A flash of that same light later and the men were gone, even those incapacitated by the Knights in the fight. With not a trace remaining, the feral Catseye turned a murderous stare on her team mates, before the rage drained away almost as fast as it had come. Dazed and confused, the unnaturally bulked cat-woman managed to ask “What’s going on here? Where are we..?” Whatever energy had driven her this far seemed to run out, and with her eyes rolled back she collapsed toward the floor. With the Blue Bolt to cushion her, she wafted in the waiting arms of the Engineer but before anyone could celebrate the facility belatedly responded to their battle.

Critical security breach detected. Facility termination in effect. All personnel please evacuate. You have five minutes to comply before sanitising begins” echoed out form an automated and obviously badly aged alert message.

Wasting no time, the Blue Bolt ferried the team back to the surface door as they regretfully abandoned the mysterious armoury, the unknown energy source, and whatever secrets the old base might have held. A check of the area confirmed that even the men in black were long gone, and no one was at risk. On the five minute mark exactly, a deep subterranean rumble marked the end of the base and its hill; the ‘sanitising’ brought the rock and dirt cap down with it, and sank the whole hill several feet.

In the few short minutes of their return flight to the Shard, Catseye returned to herself with the promise that she would do her best to explain at least some of the strange trouble the team had just escaped. But that might have to wait…

To Be Continued…

Tea and Snakes

Many Thanks

After catching their breath at the tea shop, Wu Fong, the owner of the White Lotus Tea House, formally gives his thanks to the knights for their efforts in saving both his life and that of his daughter. Linda Fong also bows deeply to show her respect.

In the conversation that follows several points of interest come into view: Wu Fong gives very heavy hints that the he is the ‘Tigers Claw’; the leader of The White Tigers. Taking great care to never formally state he is a member of the organisation, it quickly becomes clear that the White Tigers are out of their depth.

Back when it was just the Dragon lords, the White Tigers were more than a match for a bunch of local street toughs and drug dealers. But now that the Dragon lords are teamed up with the Richardsons (only The Maggia use the types Dreadnought Robots that attacked the tea shop, and Paul T Geist says he recognised Davey Richardson himself), and the Faces of Fear teaming up with this new set of highly skilled assassins the Si Fan… the White Tigers need all the help they can get keeping the streets of London safe.

Without a moment’s hesitation the Knights offer their help, and Master Wu hands a set of four two-way radios out the group.

An Unexpected Present

The next day our heroes spend recovering, meeting their private obligations and catching up on some much needed studying time. The Engineers day is brightened somewhat by the unexpected arrival of a suspicious package! Daniel Lee the post master for MI13-Shard has taken charge of the parcel after it was delivered by courier with no delivery receipt… somewhat gingerly passing the buck over to the resident mad scientist he gladly exist the room and lets the inestimable intellect of Jeremiah Watkins get to work. It is the simplest of matters for our Victorian Gent to diffuse the device and disassemble it safely in his blasting room. The various parts are sent off for forensic investigation. Most telling however is the presence of a severed cats head adjacent to the bomb, with a note stating “you have been judged, found guilty: and are sentenced to pain!” It seems the Richardson’s didn’t appreciate the interference of the Knights at the tea shop attack!

Also throughout the day the extradition warrants for the Silver Samurai arrive: He is wanted for multiple counts of murder and even mass murder in both the US and Hong Kong. It seems that when cornered he is known to use a devastating area attack with little regard of the civilians who may be caught in the blast.

A Pleasant Evening Ruined

Later that day, following the advice of Master Wu and his daughter Linda, our heroes congregate near china town as the last of the evening rush hour begins to fade. London is its usual hubbub and bustle, and china town is alive with restaurant goers, tourists taking in the sites and the locals enjoying the balmy summer evening. It is only moments however before the peaceful city life is broken and the radios blear into life – there is an attack at the snake house!

Lady Britannia, the Serpentine Spectre and Paul T Geist rush off to investigate, whilst Catseye, blue bolt and the engineer stay by the tea shop in case it is a diversion to lure them away from protecting Master Wu.

At the snake house they see none other than the Silver Samurai clutching a wriggling bag in each hand! He is flanked with a dozen Si Fan ninjas as well. With a curse and a shouted threat to ‘kill them all when he next has time’ he vanishes in a coruscating flash of tachyon particles. The Si Fan launch their attack, but they are no match for the three members of the party who responded to the Snake house attack. In the mopping operation afterwards, we learn that the snake house has been raided for upwards of fifty snakes, with little clear motive. Though a matched and mated pair of Rose Pythons were also taken, and they are extremely valuable… petmania-albino-python-1.jpg

But more telling perhaps is the Silver Samurais reported statements at the time of the robbery – he was overheard to say “These will warm the cold dead heart of the Celestial One”.

The Blast From The Past

The next day the forensics report on the bomb is back, and it seems that the blasting caps used were sold to the ‘Black-Hill quarry’ operation. Further checking reveals that the black hill quarry was shut down nearly 20 years ago, but the explosives licencing body reports that they have been actively purchasing blasting materials for the entire duration since their supposed shut down!

Deeply concerned the team head out. The Blue Bolt transports the squadron there on his flying double-decker-sofa. Once they arrive it is a matter of moments for the Serpentine Spectre to sway the mind of the lone security guard with her irresistible presence (somewhat enhanced by the pheromones she saturates his every breath with!) With the guard distracted from his need to delay their investigations, the team quickly uncover what is obviously some sort of drug transfer point. Parcels of brown powder and rolls of cash are found in a locked chest. A further search of the area reveals something more. On the other side of the hill, Catseye comes across a secret entrance! It has obviously not been used for decades, but who ever built it seems to have some link to our feline heroine, as the door security systems activate as she passes her hand over it…

To be continued

The Journal of Jeremiah Watkins (Adventure Log report)
Adventure Log from the 16th July

Dear Diary

Where was I…Oh yes. When Last I updated you, we’d just encountered a rather unfortunate chap who had had his wife kidnapped if you can believe it! Damned Chinese gang again, starting to become a bit of a problem in the beautiful city of London.

Anyway, the team and I went and found the place where she was meant to be held, only to find it was a trap. I must say, while I admire greatly our stealthy allies, they do have bad luck from time to time. I joined in shortly afterwards, only going in from the ground floor. I was reliably informed that a rather flamboyant individual with inferior tech (I later found out) Named Killer Shrike was upstairs and dealt with the team. I had the easier task downstairs of dealing with about twenty ruffians.

I must say, back in my day we had both a better quality of thug and banter, these chaps were sadly lacking in both skill and witty repartee. They were quickly dispatched by my freezotron 350 and I joined in with the scuffle upstairs. Once up there we quickly dealt with the buffoon and discovered that our unfortunate friend’s wife was being held at the docks. Now, in my day we’d just charge right over there, but nowadays there’s so much paperwork.

We radioed ahead to the chaps in charge to let them know that, like it or not, we’d be coming onto their turf, and it was lucky that we did! We arrived just in time to stop some of the Torture Gang throwing the poor lass into the Thames, a fate I wouldn’t wish on any but my worst enemy. It was at that point, that the evening took an unpleasant turn! Those damned flatfoots of the harbour shot us! Taking us prisoner which seemed damned rude of them, however it did give us the opportunity to question the people involved in the kidnapping.

It was at this point, dear diary, that I must report something rather unpleasant. During our interrogation, lady Britannia used that artefact of hers to attack the chap’s brain, smoke coming from his very ears. It was at this point that I warned her that if she did anything like this again, then regardless of the consequences, I would stop her, permanently.

The next day we ventured to the White Lotus tea shop, a lead given to us upon one of the other members of the team’s interrogations. We weren’t there for long before a gang of those blasted gangsters turned up, intent on killing the proprietor of the very fine tea shop! With reinforcements in the form of three giant automatons! Tough as nails and able to electrocute anyone who touched them! We were able to take them down eventually, but it made me realise, that whoevers out to take down these white tigers, they view them as a serious threat.

Issue 1 (Volume II)
Night of the Ninja

The China Star restaurant, Monday afternoon.

It is mostly empty, just the staff clearing up after the lunchtime rush, and three older chinese gentlemen leisurely drinking tea. The door opens, and a motley trio enter and take seats at a table. They are in civilian guise, but you may recognise them as Catseye, the Blue Bolt and the Serpentine Spectre, while Paul T. Geist accompanies them invisibly.

As they order tea, Catseye makes enquiries about the ninja battle the previous night. The waitress claims that nothing happened, and the customer she talks to next makes excuses and leaves hastily. Eddie Wong, the proprietor, leaves the kitchen and asks Catseye to leave the other guests in peace, and quietly hints that such things are best not discussed in public. Catseye returns to her table and enjoys her tea, then heads to the kitchen to compliment the chef.

In the kitchen, Eddie is somewhat more informative, but is interrupted by some banging on the window. Catseye remains with Eddie to get the story, while Paul investigates. Outside, a group of thugs are standing guard while one of their number tries to smash in the kitchen window of the restaurant. After an attempt at fisticuffs Paul chases them of, save for one whom he interrogates under hypnosis.

The thugs story lines up withthat being told by Eddie Wong: The Dragons, a local gang including the thugs who attacked just now, run protection in the local area. They were asking Eddie for his regular contribution last night, when a rival group, the Si Fan, showed up with the same intent. This rapidly devolved into a brawl, with the Green-clad ninjas of the Si Fan against the street thugs of the Dragons. The Tigers, the scum of the Earth according to the thug, a group of concerned citizens who help the locals according to Eddie, intervened to break up the fight. They brought ninjas in white, and street toughs in black coats. A lone ninja in red, presumably from the Hand, appeared just to watch.

The thug is released to meet up with his associates, shadowed by Paul, Catseye and the Serpentine Spectre. He had a motorbike stashed nearby, giving Catseye a chance to use the 3-D Manouevre gear designed by the Engineer, and the Serpentine Spectre demonstrated the tracking abilities of the Komodo Dragon.

The chase led them to the borders of the London Docklands, where a break in the fence has been arranged in a blind spot from the CCTV. Catseye and the Spectre head in, while Paul heads back to the Shard.

In the docks, they hear cries for help. Following them,they find a shipping container that has been broken into, a black van driving off and a man tied up. As they go to rescue the man they are attacked by half a dozen thugs and as many ninjas in green, one of whom gets the drop on the Serpentine Spectre and nearly decapitates her. Catseye picks up her fallen comrade and carries her off over the nearby buildings, gaining enough of a head start over the ninja pursuers that she can tend to the Spectre’s injury and radio for assistance. There is a tense minute as Catseye battles the ninjas, knocking one out and wounding a second but suffering several good hits herself, before the Blue Bolt flies onto the scene at full speed. The Serpentine Spectre returns to the fray as well, and the remaining ninja are no match for the three combined.

The Engineer arrives shortly afterwards on the airship, and they see to the rescue of the man, who turns out to be from the Docklands security force. He tells the heroes how he was attacked, and helps them check the container against the manifest to discover that the only thing missing is a box of religious statuettes addressed to a Mr Li Min. He then reports in to his superiors, and suggests to our heroes that they make themselves scarce before the paperwork arrives.

The team reconvenes at the Shard, where Lady Britannia is brought up to speed on the events of the day. The rest of the afternoon is spent making inquiries to trace the ninjas, the gangs, the statuettes and everything in between: Mr Li Min runs an antique shop in Chinatown. The statuettes came from the ship Celestial China, which has a long history of owners over the years but is currently owned by a Hong Kong plastics corporation. The White Tigers are a traditional triad, but have not been known to operate in London.

That evening, in Chinatown

The Engineer has set up a tea table on the roof of a cinema, along with the Blue Bolt, Lady Britannia and Paul T. Geist. There are a couple of empty seats set up in the expectation that some of the local colour, probably the Tigers, will stop by for a chat.
Nearby, The Serpentine Spectre and Catseye head into the shop of Li Min. Inside, a disfigured young man is sweeping up. From behind a curtain a voice says “I have been expecting you, though you bring evil news. Please, come into the back.”

Issue 0 (Volume II)
Recaps and Revelations

Our issue opens in a briefing room in the Shard, where a visiting Interpol agent named DuPris is giving a presentation about The Hand. This organisation, he explains, have a long history of Criminal enterprises dating back to Feudal Japan, either as muscle for hire to other organised crime or to further their own mysterious ends. They are master infiltrators, and will replace key personnel of organisations they are interested in with ringers, detectable only by blood tests or DNA matching. As they have recently encountered a ninja from The Hand*, it is likely that they have embedded agents within MI13, maybe even within the Knights of Albion themselves!

The panel jumps to the Knights of Albion, arrayed watching the presentation. A year has passed since we last saw them, with a few changes to the roster. As the door clicks shut from DuPris leaving, the Engineer is the first to react. He suggests that each of the Knights demonstrates their unique powers, which no ninja could hope to duplicate, to prove their selves, then throws a small firework flawlessly formed from the refreshments on the table in front of him.
The Serpentine Spectre activates the Camouflage of the Chameleon, and fades into her chair
The Blue Bolt lifts a table with the touch of a finger.
Not to be outdone, Lady Britannia flips a table with her pinky finger, forcing the Blue Bolt to catch it before it breaks a window.
Paul T. Geist reaches into his hat and pulls out a small rabbit, which runs along the table.
Catseye pricks the palm of the Engineer with her claw, then dabs a drop of her saliva into the wound, which closes instantly.

As the team finish confirming their identities, a news report is directed to their phones of multicoloured ninjas battling in Chinatown, and our Heroes spring into action…

*See Issue 8 of Volume 1 – ed.

Issue 7 and 8 (Volume 1)
Double Issue Special!

The Awakening

The first inkling the knights had that anything was amiss was the unusually, even by London Standards, tail back from a ‘Traffic incident’ near A10 & A503 at Markfield Park. Ambulances are on the scene and minutes later so are MI 13 and the Knights of Albion.

Dead bodies are everywhere, the best part of a dozen young men lying scattered and broken. At first glance it was a particularity brutal gang shooting; but the machine pistol lying in the road and trying to bite anyone who got near it was another matter.

Examining the evidence revealed that several of the machines nearby seem to have developed a life of their own. The pistol was partially animated and had the rude intelligence of an aggressive dog, desperately seeking to harm anyone who came near or trying to touch it. The motor bikes had to be physically lifted from the ground before they would move. the brakes were locked on, and even when the brakes were removed, the wheels still refused to turn!

Examination of the CCTV footage in the area showed a gang of motorcycles bearing down on a group of four youths. a gun is drawn, and two of the youths go down… then all the bikes suddenly stop and the drawn pistol is systematically, and independently targeting the prone bikers! The two remaining youths fled the scene.

its not much to go on, but this is definitely a case for the Knights of Albion.

Lacking familiarity with the North London Gang scene, and facing the prospect of a youth gang with access to paranormal abilities, a meeting is held between MI13, The Tridant Gang Squad (ably represented by Chief Superintendent Dean Haydon, and his Turkish Gangs expert Det. Inspector Peter Koylan) somewhat alarmingly MI 5 are also represented by a ‘Mr Syth’ and a ‘Mr Brown’.

The Knights are briefed on the murky world of the Turkish and Kurdish gangs of North London. Our heroes also learn that MI 5 have an agent in the field, but they will not identify who this person is to the investigating team! Instead they offer up away to identify the individual, if he should decide to break cover and talk to the Heroes during their investigations.

Several days of low profile foot slogging then follow. It soon becomes apparent that the motorcycle riding gunmen in the initial incident were members of the ‘Snooker boys’, who were defending their turf from some sort of incursion. The one victim who was not local was eventually identified as being a student at the Stoke Newington 6th form college, adjacent to the Shakespeare estate. On the road heading towards Markfield park there is a clear demarcation between territories. All the shops south of the South Tottenham carry a magazine called “The Struggle” – a propaganda pamphlet for the Dev Sol organisation and Turkish/Kurdish Solidarity Association. All the shops north of this point do not, instead displaying images of Ataturk. there is a region of several hundred yards between the two zones where shops either display both, or have obvious evidence of broken windows or injured shop staff. breaking into the code of silence these two this communities seem to operate under is almost possible.

Contact with Det Inspector Peter Koylan reveals that any sustained moves made by the Shakespeares into Kurdish gang territory is going to be at the behest of the Babysin or Bombacillier clans – who have been engaged in a tit-for-tat war since 2003, almost certainly filtered through the ‘Green lane social club’. Sadly the good detective has learnt that one of the victims in the recent para-human/shooting incident was actually relative of his – a nephew on his wife’s side of the family. The incessant tribalism and ‘prestige through violence’ gang cultures have struck closer to home that the Knights of Albion could have imagined.

Heading straight for the heart of the Kurdish mafia at the Green Lane Social club, there is a brief moment of tension when the petty thugs and gangster notice the strangers in their midst – and also pick up on exactly how strange they are – and call for reinforcements from the Kurdish Workers Party (aka The National liberation front of Kurdistan AKA ERNK aka PKK). The men facing off against the party have the thousand yard stare of those used to violence; and they seem more than happy to face up to suspected para humans with confidence in their own ability to meet any threat. The stand off is diffused without violence, and the team turn their investigation towards the Shakespeare estate and the school attended by one of the victims.

Several days investigation make little headway, but they do at long last get a name – Musa Babysin.

It seems Musa, unusually large and muscular for a young man of his age, was quickly recruited into the gang life. As an ethnic Zaza-Kurd living on the Shakespeare estate was to join the “Soldiers of Shakespeare”. he has not bee seen on the Estate, nor at the school since the incident, and was a close friend of the local victims.

Whilst Catseye is running surveillance on the Shakespeare estate, and single handedly trying to tackle London’s drug problems, she spots a mysterious figure, who is also obviously monitoring the estate. a figure that can only be described as a ‘ninja’, clad in a deeply dark red shōzoku outfit.

Attempting to give chase proves futile, and the mysterious ninja figure vanishes without trace. the watch for Musa also seems futile, until a call comes in of machines going mad at a nearby building site!

Rushing to the scene our Heroes are hard pressed to cope with the awesome power that is being manifested. Earth movers, road rollers and even the conveyor belts on the site have come alive and are crawling, slithering and even flying all over the place!

The knights are the first on scene, and attempt to persuade the young man to stop playing with his Tonka toys and come along with them back to MI 13 where the can help him; but young Musa has had a life time of rebelling against authority figures and things quickly descend in to all out violence. The Blue Bolt manfully protects the watching crowds from the showers of debris generated as the rest of team, most notably Lady Britannia, tear the living construction equipment to shreds.

Meanwhile Musa attempts to make his escape.. and runs straight into the arms of the PKK enforcers we met earlier at the Green Lane Social club! This team of the Kurdish veterans are clearly armed, and the engineer warns our heroes that the short swords they carry are charged with energy and far more dangerous than may be suspected at first glance. Catseye notices once again that this confrontation is being watched by the red garbed ninja.

Desperate to avoid a full on para human confrontation with civilian crowds and an unknown interested third party clad in red and skulking along the roof tops – Casteye steps forward to tray negotiate the hand over of Musa.

The leader of the PKK enforces steps away from the main body of his men… and it soon transpires that he is the MI 5 double agent!

This spook is convinced that Musa is a valuable asset to the national security of the UK, and should be handed over to the PKK to be used in the front lines in the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria!

The Engineer in particular is incensed at the idea of using a 17 year old school boy as a living weapon to manipulate a foreign war! Tensions rise again as it becomes clear that both he and the rest of the Knights of Albion will not stand for such a perfidious dereliction of duty regarding the safety of a British citizen!

Whilst the rest of the team face off against the MI 5 operative and the PKK enforcers and try to play for time the Blue Bolt calls into the Shard and asks who has jurisdiction over Musa, MI 5 or MI 13. Upon hearing that MI 13 have at least a claim on the boy he forms a platform from kinetic energy and spirits him away to the Shard at high speed.

As the reason for the MI 5 spook and his PKK enforcers is no longer at the scene they back off and leave. With the police arriving to secure the scene and Musa in protective custody the Knights call the evening a win and return to the shard for debriefing.

that conluceds this volume – keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting adventure!

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Issues 4 to 6 (Volume 1)
Chocolate Bomb Bombs

Once again the Knights make headlines and the recovery of the (majority) of the weapons cache in a little under 16 hours is hailed as major achievement. The only headlines that vie with our heroes that day is the very odd story of the residents of one London’s largest Morgues getting up and walking out of the Whittington Hospital!

At the same time the team are contacted by Felicia Bifrost again – she wants to meet at the Albert memorial.

Splitting up, our team visit the hospital and manage to save one of the eye witnesses from an overly sweet poisoning plot, and the other half of the team learn form the distraught Felicia that her little brother Johnny has gone missing! Rushing to the urban horror of a council estate to investigate, the team find themselves in his empty room staring at a suspiciously large box of chocolates… of course it’s a bomb! fortunately the engineer is more than a match for the primitive explosive device

Both the poison at the hospital, and the explosive chocolate box at Johnny’s house points toward the Mimet chocolate factory…

Mimets Chocolate Factory is cooking up trouble! Inside the radiation count is off the scale, armed faces of fear gang members tote the last of the missing assault rifles, and what appear to be van loads of poisonous confections are ready to be shipped out! Catseye crashes the party and soon feels the heat in the highly radioactive kitchen! Johnny Bifrost dangles from a thread over a pool of molten chocolate, and the Black Talon (aka the large black chicken guy) is torturing the semi conscious former gang member.
Wasting no time Catseye uses the temporary gifts granted by the Hexing Vulpine and teleports Johnny back to the shard, hoping to save him though though the signs are not good. Lady Britania, the Engineer and the Blue Bolt struggle to bring things to a close as they discover to their horror that the vats of molten chocolate are being stirred not by paddles, but crowds of radioactive zombies!

It’s a close run thing, but eventually the team are victorious, and returning to the shard they can clearly see the smoking hole in the side of the building… a hole they are fairly certain is located more or less where Mr Williams office is located! it soon transpires that Johnny Bifrost has manifested meta human powers as a result of his radiation exposure! it was this that blasted a new window in Mr Williams office…

Questioning of the captured members of the faces of fear finally reveals the dasterdly plot…

The Bosses (there is more than one?!) want to cripple the Richardson gang. The monster attacks and the theft of the ‘magic book’ to pin it on them were to turn the criminal underworld of London against them, the poison chocolates were directly linked to legitimate front used by the Richardsons and was to have tied up the legally usable assets of the gang in a swath of legal cases as their company was caught up in the supply of poisonous sweets to school children, and the bank robbery at Couts & Co tonight will destroy their stores of back up cash!

With a major bank heist due to happen at any moment, and one of the worlds most prestigious banks no less, the team launch into action. At the bank they foil the robbery by Frankenstein and the rest of the Night Shift, but the villains once again vanish in the emerald flash we are now so familiar with

Horror of horrors, after the fight the team are implicated in the robbery! With the security footage somehow showing they are the ones trashing the place and stealing the money!

On a very short leash, and with a significant bail posted, the team carry on the investigation, not only trying to capture the bad guys, but now trying to clear their own names. Johnny Bifrost rings the group and arranges a meet. Since the accident his powers have continued to manifest, and he has developed some sort of link with his sister Felicia. it seems she is in danger! he doesn’t know exactly what is wrong, but he received a vision from her that she was in trouble, and somewhere out near the Kingferry bridge on the isle of Sheppy.

Once again we swing into action, and uncover a Black Air facility conducting research on mutants! Battling against the legacy Sentinel Robots is a pleasant work out for the team, and Felica is returned to safety once more… but what is all this interest in Felica and Johnny Bifrost all about?

At something of a loss, the team return to the British library to talk to Prof. Pride. he has been doing research and learnt two things – Bartholmew Jacobs was hung at Tybourne (aka Marble arch no less! ) and since the teams fight at the famous tourist attraction, a ghostly figure has prowled the area every night at midnight!

With the Hexing Vulpine preparing the ground for a supernatural encounter, the team await the witching hour. As expected the haunting form appears! Bound by red hot chains to a burning pillar it seems he is still being punished for his unspeakable crimes… but he wants to help!

Over the centuries he claims to have learnt the error of his ways, and he needs to ensure that his book does not fall into the wrong hands! the book is a source of enormous power, and he must help the heroes to recover it… with more bravery than most, Lady Britannia steps forward to try and release him from his spectral bonds. There is a scream and a flash and Lady Britannia arises, but much changed. true to his word the spectral Bartholomew Jacobs catches the scent of his missing book and leads the team on to their next port of call.

The Camden catacombs are soon accessed, and these in turn lead down into the sewers and tunnels beneath the metropolis. With the ancient spirit possessing the body of their team mate, it is short work to find the villains’ lair.

Suddenly things take a more bizarre turn, as the spirit of the author is ripped from Asguardian’s body and the fell forces demand the return of their property and destruction of the book! Not sure exactly what just happened lady Britannia informs her team mates they had a narrow escape at the hands of the sorcerer; his goal being everlasting life once he got his hands on the book! the fell powers released her back to her body in order to recover his spirit, and with the demand that the book be destroyed!

The Final Battle!!

Now at the doorstep of the perpetrators, they burst in to the lair only to find themselves expected!

Arrayed in front of them is the full might of the remainng members of the Night Shift, Mr Fear, Mentello, The Fixer and lady Anguish aka Felica Bifrost!!! (dun-dun-DAHHH!)

The battle is long and hard….




The climatic battle rages back and forth, but eventually , thanks to quick thinking and team work of the knights, they stand victorious. Mentello and Mr Fear are both captured, but it transpires that the Fixer… was only some sort of andriod! All records indicate the real Fixer died several years ago; so who or what is behind this particular simulacrum?

No clues can be found to answer that question, and both Mr Fear and Mentello refuse to cooperate. the Night Shift and Felica have undergone some sort of mind control. Shroud, Adam and Jack Russel return to their usual super hero duties, and the rest of the Night Shift are returned to prison.

it seems the teleoportation used by Mentello and the Fixer not only transported people, it could overwrite the mind of the person transported! they had all been under the control of the Fixer-robot and Mentello all along.

With the vile machine destroyed, the book recovered, and their names cleared thanks to the recovery of the missing, unadulterated surveillance footage from the bank, the Knights of Albion headed back to the shard, to once more take up their vigil against the forces of evil that threaten Britain (but are not quite important enough to bother eXcalibur with!)

The story Continues

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Issues 1 to 3 (volume 1)
Previously in the Knights of Albion

Previously in the Knights of Albion….

tumblr_lzpu8fd92j1qc3h7bo1_500.jpgThe Murmura Furentium, by Bartholomew Jacobs, an obscure text with mystical accreditation, was stolen from the British library! With national and international coverage, with celebrities and art critics all commenting 24hrs a day, the UK Government was forced to create a rapid response team for this crime. With clear evidence of meta human involvement, MI 13 put together a unit to investigate the crime.

Talking to the library head curator of antiquities, (Prof) Maximilian Pride, they soon gained access to the crime scene and a non-to-subtle link to the infamous “Torture Gang” – the Magia affiliated Richardson gang from south London. Our team of investigators soon figured out there must have been an insider link of some sort, and it was thanks to their impeccable human interaction skills they eventually realised that Felicia Bifrost (assistant to the good professor) has a younger brother called Johnny who has significant gang links to the ‘Flashing Blades’.

Our team of intrepid super heroes head for the “Prospect of Whitby” in Wapping. This drinking hole is the main hangout of the flashing blades.

Magia style thugs attack the bar, as our heroes arrive, and hideous screaming comes from inside. It soon becomes clear that what can only be described as fully fledged werewolf attack is in progress!

After a few close calls, Hawker soon manages to put a leash on the werewolf, who then vanishes in a coruscating display of a mysterious green energy field. Talking to Johnny our team is pointed in the direction of the ‘Buzz Cuts’ another street gang with known links, not always friendly, to the Magia and the Richardson gang…

The Starkey pool hall is the next link in the chain, but as our team go to investigate this sleazy dive on Deptford street, the patrons are attacked! Inside a growing pool of darkness, form which cries of pain and anguish are emanating has covered half of the pool hall, and the other half of the establishment is quickly turning into a riot as the remaining patrons try to escape what can only be described as Frankenstein’s monster!

Once again out team of mighty heroes save the day, and the grateful remnants of the Buzz-cuts reveal that the Richardson gang operate out of the ’Roarin 20s night club, on Rushy Green in Catford. The Richardsons have a regular, high stakes poker game in private area of the club on a regualr basis

Cleverly making use of the phantasmal Paul T Geist, our heroes learn that a prominent Magia enforcer is traveling to London to take part in this poker game, and they hatch a brilliant plan to replace this individual at the game and try to find out what the torture gang are up to, and how they have managed to use the book to summon these unspeakable horrors!

At the game they soon find out that the Richardson gang has been set up! they didn’t steal the book, and have nothing to do with the monster attacks. whoever is behind it all however has been in touch with Davey Richardson, head of the gang, and arranged a meeting at Marble arch at Midnight tonight…

Wasting no time out team set up observation on Marble Arch and wait for events to unfold….

As our team await events, they see a lone figure dressed in the typical Magia style, walk under the arch.

Moments later a plethora of monsters appear out of nowhere: Werewolf, Frankenstein, the creeping shadow, a shambling scarecrow figure, a pair of pumpkin headed ghouls, a moth winged succubus and enormous black chicken (!) materialise in an eerie green flash and attack the man under the arch.

As our team launch their counter attack, they realise there are two more figures leaping into the fight! The Eel and the Scorpion are both om hand to defend their Magia allies!

The three way fight quickly escalates as hordes of zombies suddenly burst from the ground. hampered by the need to protect the public our heroes are hard pressed, but eventually save the day.

The next days papers and new blogs are full of shaky pictures and videos of the Marble Arch affair, MI 13 find themselves in the center of a media frenzy and somewhat reluctantly they decide the only way to handle things is to go public with the investigation team. The Knights of Albion are Born!

Territorial Army Reserve armoury robbed in Bexleyheath!! Two crates of assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition for them have gone missing – once again the criminals who stole the Murmura Furentium have struck. Having seen him action twice now, our team are convinced that it is non other than the creeping shadow who was present at both Robberies… is this masked man the mastermind behind the dastardly plot?!?

Summoned in to the office of Mr Williams (their direct superior) the Knights of Albion are ordered to recover each and every weapon as a top priority. In the wrong hands this arsenal could be a force for evil such as London has hardly ever seen.

Somewhat at a loss as to how to proceed, the heroes decide to follow the only clue they have; a message on their newly created forum from someone calling themselves Johnny B – “Knight of Albion; meet me in Hyde park at midnight, near Berts place”

Fearing a trap, but unable to think of a better plan, the team stake out the Albert memorial well in advance of the deadline….

It soon transpires that Johnny Bifrost has learnt the error of his ways and wants to quit the Flashing blades. The recent Monster attacks have shown him the dangers of his chosen lifestyle, and he is worried by the recent developments. A new gang on the block, going by the name of the “Faces of Fear” have been making waves, and they are now calling a London wide gang meeting to deal with the increasing number of attacks from, they assume, the Richardson gang and their new force of magical monsters. grateful for the rescue during the first werewolf attack, Johnny has decided to try and atone, at least a little, for what he has done in the past by helping the knights now.

The knights are soon informed that ‘The Boss’ of the Faces of Fear will be at the docks at 1 am tonight!

With no time to waste the team head out to try and make the meeting…

At the docks the team sync together like clock work, taking down the various gang members, forcing the notorious Mr Fear to flee the scene, and recapturing almost all of the assault rifles! it seems the Faces of Fear were behind the armoury theft. Is Mr Fear the master mind behind the plot to frame the Richardson gang? It was clear that he was trying to recruit the other London Gangs to his cause and give them the means to wage an all out war on the Torture gang and, by logical extension, the UK Magia as a whole… and there still a few of the assault rifles missing that must be recovered at all costs!

The story Continues

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